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  1. I have been wondering for years how I get junk mail from people who know that I'm a nurse. And how it kept following me even when I moved. The only thing that made sense was that the mailers were getting the data directly from the MBON. But I couldn't believe that a Maryland State agency would be releasing personal data. I was wrong! And I didn't even have to call. The MBON is selling mailing list data on their own web site! This is completely outrageous in my opinion. http://www.mbon.org/main.php?v=norm&p=0&c=services/labels.html I hope I can at least call and get them to remove my name from the sales list. Don't they have to have a privacy policy? Don't they collect enough in fees from nurses? Am I just crazy that I am annoyed by this?
  2. kanling

    Need advice please-moving to Maryland

    Sounds like a few trips might be in order to get familiar with the area. Where will your fiancee be working?
  3. kanling

    MD hospital near PA & DE borders?

    Sweet indeed. I'm surprised O'Malley hasn't started ending the tax reciprocity agreement with those states. But you have a slight mistake. Delaware is not on the list. Virginia is. And Delaware is a big exception. If you live in Delaware and work in Maryland, you will have to file a Maryland tax return on that income. And the worst part is, the Maryland income tax rate is actually higher for out-of-state residents than it is for in-state residents. A real scam... but it is Maryland after all.
  4. kanling

    baltimore..what's it like

    What makes you pick Mercy in Baltimore? Are you somehow limited to this area or could you go anywhere? I realize you are in Australia. I don't know where you live there, but my guess would be that living in downtown Baltimore would be a mistake for you. You should carefully research before committing.