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    New grads in L&D?

    Yes, it is possible, I am a new grad starting in Gyn/OB at Hopkins this summer. I never thought in a 1000 years I would wind up even liking L&D but I was hooked after my first clinical rotation and knew after finishing my practicum in L&D at a community hospital here in Baltimore. Just be sure to rock you clinical rotation, basically it was like a 5 week job interview for me because that was a huge factor in networking for a job. Also the hospital where I work is kind of an exception to the standard rules when hiring new grads in L&D because they require you to work as a tech (in postpartum and as the scrub tech in the OR) in L&D for six months before you can start as a nurse. That turned a lot of my classmates off from applying to Hopkins but I feel that the skills I learned will help me step in and succeed on the unit way faster than starting with no experience since L&D has a really steep learning curve.