UMSON Spring 2013

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    Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?
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    I am! Have any idea when they're opening the application?

    Quote from eodenwal

    Anyone planning on applying to UMSON for Spring of '13?
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    I am. I'm bummed because one of my professors who wrote me a recommendation last time isn't responding to my email. I hope she is just busy. I don't think she would blow me off on purpose because she seems really nice. I am going to ask my current teacher but I know she has a lot going on and will be out of the country for most of summer.
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    It looks like they have started to populate the calendar with Information sessions. I plan to go to one at the end of this month at Shady Grove.

    One thing that I really wonder about is with applications due in September, when would we find out we are accepted? I was hoping to give my employer 3 months notice if I got accepted but if school starts in late January , then I'd hope to know by mid-late October.
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    I believe that they release decisions in November, but I am not sure. I have been looking at old threads that students made last summer and November is mentioned.
    I'm so excited to apply!! And already very nervous...
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    Me too! Work has been hectic with 60-80 hour work weeks and summer school starting. I was hoping to go to an open house but haven't been able to get off work to do so. I have all my references lined up though so that is good.
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    Ugh, I shouldn't even get involved, but yes...I'm applying...again ;(. Not sure my heart can handle the wait and/or the rejection...again. By then I'll be 41 and I'm not getting any younger!
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    I know it is rough SB113 but all you can do is tweak and try again. Did you get any feedback on your application? Anything you could do to improve your chances?

    I'm nervous, I really want to go to UMD but nothing is guaranteed in life.
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    I am applying to UMSON as well. I've applied last spring and didn't get in so I will reapply. First time around, I had 3 outstanding classes and a low TEAS score. This time around I've completed all 3 outstanding classes. I also plan to retake the TEAS so I have my figures cross. I also have two other applications that I'm getting together. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope we all get in.
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    Hey Everyone,

    I am in your boat as well (some of you) and reapplying for spring. I've been told that spring is slightly less competitive so hopefully they will see our determination and accept us! I am finishing my last two pre-reqs right now and re-taking the TEAS at the end of August. Close to the deadline but that is the best way it'll work out with my class schedule. Any suggestions for re-taking the TEAS? I decided to buy the actual ATI book instead of the barnes and noble brand because I figured the practice tests are better.

    What other programs are people applying to? I was thinking about Towson but their application is due in a month!

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