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  1. by   IT2Nursing
    Hi Folks, Just a heads up... UMD admissions has started placing phone calls. I missed the call this morning, but after listening to the voicemail I checked the application site and indeed the "Decision" has been updated (it appears I'm "provisionally accepted" - hoorah!) Good luck to all!
  2. by   DziokRE

    I just checked and mine still says Committee Ready. I will be checking non-stop today!
  3. by   DziokRE
    it2nursing are you going to shady grove too? i applied for the b-more campus.
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  4. by   Terps1234
    I applied to Baltimore campus too! ahhh Hope we hear soon!
  5. by   beetsme67
    I GOT IN!!!!

    Application DataAdmission Term:Spring 2011Admission Type:Traditional BSN StudentApplication Statusecision MadeDecision:Admit-Institution

    ooh and im shady grove campus
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  6. by   2012grad


    Still "committee ready" here.

    Also, students who have been accepted should start a new thread for future discussions about class material, teachers, etc.
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  7. by   IT2Nursing
    Quote from dziokre
    it2nursing are you going to shady grove too? i applied for the b-more campus.

    yes (sorry, i should have mentioned that in my original post).

    i look forward to meeting the rest of you 'shady grovers' come january...
  8. by   DziokRE
    Looks like it is all Shady Grove hearing back. Congatulations to you all!!! So exciting!!!

    Hopefully the B-more group will hear soon!
  9. by   JStollRN
    Congratulations to all of you so far!!! Wahoooo!
  10. by   beetsme67
    Hi Grey Lady,

    I was wondering if you could give any advice to students who have been accepted. What are some things we can do to prepare for school?
  11. by   do1984
    Had a missed call from UMD @ 10am this morning. Just called back to find out I'M IN
  12. by   Terps1234

    Shady Grove or Baltimore?
  13. by   Terps1234
    Application Data
    Admission Term: Spring 2011
    Admission Type: Traditional BSN Student
    Application Status: Decision Made
    Decision: Provisional-Admit

    YAYYY!!! I GOT IN!!! BALTIMORE CAMPUS!! It was just updated!

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