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    The UMB School of Nursing admissions process is a very, very thorough, fair one and, as a result of the processing time and the large number of applicants, the decision-making and the making of offers is quite extended. The goal for all decisions, and that includes the huge numbers of graduate and post graduate applications, is November 16. I am not saying that you will have to wait that long to hear, but it is possible. You might want to do yourself a favor and take a couple of weeks off before you check your application status again. Best of luck to you.

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    Most of us who applied in the past and used these threads must have checked our status a thousand times. It is nerve wracking and seemingly takes forever, and admittedly, the day I found out I was accepted remains one of the high points of my experierence at UMB. (I am graduating this December.)
    Two things. The biggest one is that for ALL the classes you are taking now (prereqs or not) you must get a B or better; it will be one of the conditions of your offer letter. If you end up with a C they will offer your slot to someone else. Second, there will be some people that won't be accepted until literally the last minute because of Cs and late cancellations. It might be a good idea to think about a possible backup plan of action in case UMB doesn't work out. I know in the past some people that ended up not getting into UMB were able to get into Towson or Coppin without having to wait a semester but not sure about how they managed that. And lastly don't wrack your brain comparing GPAs, TEAS scores, etc. The committees seem to look at the whole picture, a high GPA for example doesn't guarantee being admitted. All that is out of your hands now anyway!! Focus on getting As and Bs in your current classes. I saw some of you talk about Chem and that is one class (Stats being the other) where some people start off well and end up with Cs.
    If you are done with school or have free time the best thing to do is enjoy it while you have it. Once we are into January 2011, you won't have time for much of anything besides school. Best of luck to you all!
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    the suspense is killing me!! i only applied to UMB and AACC. i will be devastated if i did not make it into either one!!
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    Best of luck to you....I am sure you should just try to forget about it for the next couple of weeks. I have no idea about AACC but UMB will likely not accept anyone before the first week of November. Be kind to yourself and, if you are finishing your prereqs, concentrate on doing as well as you can in them. You will be so glad you did as you will really need to know that stuff on the very first day of class. And it will also help if you stay in good physical shape. Really.
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    Thanks I will try not to worry too much. Its just that so many things are going on at once and I need some sort of confirmation in a timely manner.
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    I applied. Got a 92% on TEAS, but my GPA sucks. It's said committee ready for about a month now. Hopefully we all get in.
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    Hey all. I applied for UMDs BSN too Just trying to get some feed back from students that are already in the program. One of my best friends is getting married in Feb. and I'm supposed to be in the wedding. It would seem that I need to take a Friday off from class. How feasible is this in your opinion? It is the only day I foresee myself needing to take off. I understand that after you miss a day you need to work twice as hard to catch up, but my questions is more on the side of do teachers/instructors/the schedule make it possible to even take a day off?

    P.S. I know I'm kind of putting the horse before the cart here, but I need tell my friend I can't be in her wedding ASAP before dress fittings in the event that I do (hopefully) get into the program.
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    Hi GreyLady,

    I am in UMCP finishing up my BS in Psych and I already fulfilled my prereqs; is it true that if i get a C in ANY class (no matter what it is) they will take back your acceptance?

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    I think it is okay as long as the C isnt in one of the prereqs required for the nursing program.
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    yea that's what heard and hopefully its true because i think i have 1 c in spanish

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