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    Any of you know about the nursing programs through Salisbury? Any feedback wanted...THANX!!

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    Quote from hittme123
    Any of you know about the nursing programs through Salisbury? Any feedback wanted...THANX!!
    So no one, knows anything about this school...something that they can't tell me on their webpage??
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    Sorry, I'm not very familiar with schools on the Eastern Shore.

    Good luck in your endeavors.
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    I am a graduate of Salisbury University's nursing program. What do you want to know? Besides the fact that the faculty is composed of nurses who don't know anything about nursing? They don't give a rat's a--- about the needs of their students. There are one or two exceptions, of course. I thought it was a poor program, but I don't know what another would be like.

    Most nurses go up to Delaware to get their nurse practitioner Master's because the nursing program at SSU is a PIA. I would also say that the relationship between the school of nursing and the local hospital is not the most collaborative one.
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    I too am looking at Salisbury and they have a something like 90% or above NCLEX pass rate. Also my NP went there and loved it. I guess it's just a matter of opinion but maybe you can take a trip and see it yourself!
    ~Brad Future Nurse
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    I currently am a Nursing Student at Salisbury University and love it! The program has recently been changed, but only to better the program. The collaboration with our local hospital: Peninsula Regional Medical Center, I believe is outstanding. There are students from SU in all nursing departments and the nursing staff is very open to students, especially since a majority of the nurses went to SU. So, like the previous poster said, it is all a matter of opinion.
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    I also agree that it is a matter of opinion and i also think it depends on if you are a traditional 4 year BSN student or if you are an RN to BSN transfer - the courses are somewhat different if you already have completed the ADN program from another school - i am currently atteding Salisbury and agree that the school is excellent. The faculty are helpful you just need to go talk to them. If i were you i would make a trip down to the school for a visit and meet with some of the faculty - they may even be more than willing to give you a tour of the nursing department - but you can also go to the academic house and sign up for a tour of the entire campus. Hope this helps!!
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    are you enjoying SU? I am so excited about going there this fall, but know little about it, and have only been in the town once.
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    I will also be starting at SU this fall, in the second degree RN-BSN program. I can't wait.
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    I am thinking about excepting a travel position at Peninsula Regional Medical Center

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