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I did not have an opportunity to do any clinical rotations at WAH, but I went ahead and applied to their Feb 2012 internship for the med-surg unit (just to get my feet wet before specializing). I'm... Read More

  1. by   TUNurseStudent
    I just found this forum and I am currently in the process of applying for the August 2012 internship program at WAH since I am graduating in May 2012. I would like you know from all that have applied to WAH nurse internship program if they have any tips or any information you can provide about the application process. Also if anyone was hired, how they like being a part of the WAH team.

  2. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    I applied for internship in Nov. and just had interview today for ICU. I should hear something in two weeks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  3. by   Susu08rn
    Congrats!!! I read on your other post that you were offered a position. Your story is truly amazing and has encouraged me not to give up and to try some different things (i.e. actually calling hospitals). I couldn't respond to your private message...but to answer your question, I did not (and never received a call for an interview). I'm still looking. How are you liking your job? Do you find the staff to be supportive?
  4. by   worf
    I just applied for the Aug 2012 new grad internship...Wondering if anyone else has done the same? I know it will still be a while, but hoping to hear something soon!
  5. by   Ellisjc0507
    Hey All. I just graduated in May 2012 and have been trying to get information about the Washingon Adventist Hospital new grad program. Does anyone know when it begins and when or how I can apply for it???? Thanks in advance.
  6. by   red123
    Hello, I was wondering about the pre-hire exam. Was it hard? What type of questions were there? How did you study? The internship program is how long and is there a 1 year commitment? And any other information you can provide will help. Thanks
  7. by   s-nurse1
    Hi nurseLoveJoy
    I know your post was long ago but I was wondering if you can give me any tip on how to study for the exam. I was contacted by the HR of Washington Adventist Hospital and I will be making an appointment for interview and exam. So I wanted to know if you can touch up on what I can do to get prepared for both

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