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Hello everyone; I have had my Licence for almost six months now and have not been able to find employment. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing. I graduated in 2007, but passed the nclex, late January,... Read More

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    LOL! Nevermind grace, I just logged onto their job website and saw the posting. They must have just posed that message recently.....Thanks

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    Actually I was browsing the website when I saw the info.I copied the information from the Children's Medical Center website.And when I checked the open positions they had lots of positions for RN 1 and RN 11.

    I am actually starting nursing school in Jan and I was looking for hospitals where I can apply as a nursing student or CNA after fundamentals. But I just thought I should share this info since I knew some new graduates would be looking for work.
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    New grads or not--be PERSISTENT---get on their nerves, call them ALL the time, go to the recruiters and even the managers themselves of the specific units that you are interested in working on...also, if you haven't graduated yet; the best way to get your foot in the door is through your clinicals, and DON'T BE PICKY! Everyone wants to work L&D, PEDS and ED right out of school, it's probably not going to happen unless you know someone, especially now with jobs being so tight, go to the hospital that has a good L&D, PEDS or ED--work on their MED SURG for a year and transfer out--it's much easier to do that, and you'll make money while you are waiting for the "perfect job".

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