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  1. 21ican

    Things I have learned in Nursing

    It's so true!!
  2. You are wise to think this now! I experienced exactly what you are worried about. I had been a nurse for 12 years before I went to a community hospital to work , where about 60% are Filipino nurses, because the hospital sponsored many Filipino nurses to immigrant to US. And per contract they should work in the hospital for 4 years before they can look for another new job in US. But many stayed there for 20 + years and a few left, then more and more are coming every year. Some of them are nice, but I had a very bad experience with two of them, they often talk in their own language to curse me or others, and they have cliques, but they don't know that I understand some of their language. But I was alone, a foreigner, from a different country, I didn't have support and energy to deal with them. I thought that the nursing job is already very stressful, I don't have to deal with so much politics, so I left the hospital. Now I am working in a different hospital, still stressful, but I feel safer!!!
  3. If you want a peaceful real good life, don't choose any of them.
  4. 21ican

    Arizona may require hospitals to check citizenship

    piedpiperrn, you are very wise and kind! god bless you!
  5. 21ican

    heartless DON or reality check?

    The cruel DON should be fired. She is NOT a human being. All good staff should united together to get rid of the heartless DON. Otherwise....Where is the DON working? I hope I am NOT working for her now.....
  6. 21ican

    Board of Nursing selling your data!

    I am so surprised about what the BON is doing. It is illegal to sell personal data. They should be punished according to the law!!!
  7. 21ican

    Do I really hate nursing?????

    What kind of new degree are you working on?
  8. 21ican

    Options for Nurses who HATE nursing.

    I am so happy to see your message. Have you started your pharmacy study? How is it? I just came to the Website to seek some help! Because I hate nursing!! I also thought of becoming a pharmacist. But I don't know how to start, still researching.
  9. 21ican

    "Float Pool" RN ?

    Thanks a lot for your detailed reply! Now I understand the "Float Pool".
  10. 21ican

    "Float Pool" RN ?

    Can any one explain to me about the meaning and work description of "Float Pool" RN? Thanks in advance!!!
  11. 21ican

    New Grad RN and Cannot Find employment

    I feel the same! I got my MD RN License in May. I graduated in a foreign country 10 years ago and worked as an ICU nurse for 6 years. But I have NOT been working for almost 3 years. I have been looking for a job in many hospitals. Nowadays, less job opennings to public, and most positions are PRN. That means no salary guarantee, so I still won't be able to pay my Apt. rent if I choose a PRN job. I don't know how I can get a full time job here. I understand you completely...........
  12. 21ican

    maryland hospitals hiring new grads???

    Hi, I have followed the instructions from UMMC website, I filled the forms twice. According to the UMMC website, a nurse expert will call me back within 48 hours, but two months have pased, no one has called. Then I thought they are very busy, so I applied online, but never get any word... It's difficult! Any advice for me? Thanks in advance.
  13. 21ican

    maryland hospitals hiring new grads???

    Hi, I am new to the forum. Congratulations! I am happy to hear that you got a job in Johns Hopkins. I think the Johns Hopkins is very difficult to enter. I guess you were already a insider when you applied for the job. Because I have checked the JH website, the jobs opened to public are some PRN jobs and NP jobs. Is that right? Thanks a lot!