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Here is a copy of a letter I recently sent to our governor regarding the inefficient mbon. I have been trying to get my cna license for 6 months now and all I am getting is the run around from... Read More

  1. by   Striving2BG8
    My school is paying the $200 Pearson Vue testing fee for us.
  2. by   Dreaming4acute87
    I wanted to followup to give some of you hope. I was dreading this process! I sent in my fingerprints and verification from my state and a week later applied for my licensure. I applied on June 6th. I called today to see if I was missing anything, no matter what extension I press no one picks up the phone. After calling back 6 times I finally got one of the endorsement specialist but she says due to my last name I am working with the other one. Anyways I decided to email the endorsement specialist to ask if I am missing anything, she responded within an hour of the email informing me my license was active since June 19th! So within 13 days of applying, it was approved.
  3. by   Striving2BG8
    Thats fantastic! I just paid my Pearson Vue fee myself because Pearson said it would take 4-7 weeks by the route my school used.
  4. by   KimberlyRN89
    Maybe your school can reimburse you once you pass. My school does that for us and I think it's a better process.
  5. by   bluedove1
    This a great speaks volumes about MBON.....I would say to anyone....get your license in another state that is under an agreement with the state of Maryland and compact license agreement...that way you bypass maryland's broken system altogether!
  6. by   KCMnurse
    Sadly I am forced to deal with the MBON as I process our agency Medication Technician applications. The process is terrifyingly frustrating to say the least. I can submit a class and half will be certifed and the other half hang in limbo for months, and months.....and then they say their application is too old and they need to start over.....

    I have learned to grit my teeth and deal with it, but as a taxpayer and a professional, I find their "service" embarrassing.
  7. by   sweetiepie79
    I called the Maryland board of nursing to transfer my certification over and the lady mail the paper work out i fill out everything sent it back I called the lady to see if she got it and she said my fingerprint card was supposed to go somewhere else with a fee so I said OK she said she would send it back which it's been over a month I called a couple of times and I never received a phone call back so I call and leave a message and complained about the Lady and how I never received my paper work back and how my personal information is floating around somewhere out there I get a phone call mind you I never get a call back she calls me to let me know that someone told her I left a message complaining about her she had a bad attitude and would not let me get a word in its like they try to intimidate you so you won't say anything someone must do something about this or my next move will be to call the news and everyone else who wants to here my story until something gets done.
  8. by   Success2011
    How long does the MBON issue licenses for. I got endorsed from new York ...they issued me a license in july that expires in a year...I am confused cause my ne York license does not expire until 2016..
  9. by   Success2011
    in less then a year I mean..issued in july of 2013..expires in May of 2014
  10. by   KimberlyRN89
    Your initial license sometimes expires at the end of your birth month. That was the case when I got my LPN license last year. Also, the BON is moving to renewing licenses every 2 yrs. I believe this yr all licensees born in and odd year will pay $110 and their license will not expire until 2015. Next year, all licensees born in even years will renew for 2 yrs. hope that helps a bit
  11. by   KimberlyRN89
    Oops typo.. I meant to say "born in an odd year.."
  12. by   Striving2BG8
    Just wanted to follow up. Within a week of paying Pearson I received my ATT. Took my test and passed 07/15 and 07/16 I had an active license number.
  13. by   hajmaja
    lucky you!

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