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Here is a copy of a letter I recently sent to our governor regarding the inefficient mbon. I have been trying to get my cna license for 6 months now and all I am getting is the run around from employees who do not want to take... Read More

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    You are absolutely correct about the MBON...they need to be held accountable for messing with healthcare professionals livelyhoods and employability. We can't work without certifications and license numbers. We do everything required of us, but the board can't seem to keep up with the influx of applications and issuing licenses in a prompt manner. I think if everyone who has problems with the MBON wrote the governor a letter or sent e-mails...maybe they'd take notice of how big the problem really is. There is power in numbers.
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    Has things changed at mbon since going electronic submission?
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    Not really a change. I requested finger print cards to be sent to me over a month ago just to get the process started, NOTHING! I knew better so I sent in my mom, yes maybe juvenile but she lives there and won't take no for an answer. My mother was able to pick up the cards in two seconds and send them to me. I have actually been able to get one of the endorsement specialist on the phone, after calling maybe 15 times, so I was extra sweet and introduced myself and told her not to forget me as I go through this process. She laughed and was generally positive but answering the phone is a rarity. Will let you know how it all goes.
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    So far I've had a good experience with the Maryland BON. I requested my packet for licensure by exam in February and received it within two weeks. So I did my background check in March. Then I requested a second packet because I stupidly had an error on the application, in April and got it within a weeks. I hand delivered my completed application on Monday so we will see how long this will take. But I'm still waiting for my slow slow school to pay Pearson.

    Oh and I emailed them a question and got a response within 48 hours.
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    Hi! Why does your school need to pay the Pearson? What is that for? Thanks.
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    How tragic!!!!!! I hope you get this straight!
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    My school is paying the $200 Pearson Vue testing fee for us.
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    I wanted to followup to give some of you hope. I was dreading this process! I sent in my fingerprints and verification from my state and a week later applied for my licensure. I applied on June 6th. I called today to see if I was missing anything, no matter what extension I press no one picks up the phone. After calling back 6 times I finally got one of the endorsement specialist but she says due to my last name I am working with the other one. Anyways I decided to email the endorsement specialist to ask if I am missing anything, she responded within an hour of the email informing me my license was active since June 19th! So within 13 days of applying, it was approved.
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    Thats fantastic! I just paid my Pearson Vue fee myself because Pearson said it would take 4-7 weeks by the route my school used.
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    Maybe your school can reimburse you once you pass. My school does that for us and I think it's a better process.
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