Johns Hopkins Fall Entry Accelerated BSN (2012)

  1. Hello!

    I applied for the early acceptance BSN for the fall 2012 cohort. Has anyone else applied early acceptance and heard back yet? I am anxiously awaiting their decision!

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  3. by   leenak
    I'm applying regular decision as I wouldn't have had any decent references until after this semester. I'm hopeful and actually only school I'm applying to this round.

    Are you currently in MD?
  4. by   TESC'10
    No, I live in Washington State! But I have a good friend that got into the JHU traditional program (Fall 2011) and she really encouraged me to apply. She also is from Washington, and says that the JHU nursing program is incredible. Good luck to you! When will you turn your application in?
  5. by   leenak
    Applications are due Jan 15 and I plan to have all my stuff in by then. I'm excited and nervous.
  6. by   tinatac
    Hi all,

    I also applied early decision for the fall. I hope we actually do hear by Dec 15th. Do you know if we're contacted via email, regular mail, phone?
  7. by   ljm9304
    I'm also awaiting word on my application for this program. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will receive word by Dec. 15th. I was told that notifications will be sent out via snail-mail and e-mail.

    Has anyone heard back about their app already?
  8. by   AmesRT6510
    Hey Everyone,
    I also applied early decision for Fall 2012, when I spoke to Mary (I think that is her name - super friendly person who answers the phone when you call) she said they will call you if they accept you. I am nervous for sure! Is anyone applying to other schools in the Maryland area? Best of luck to everyone!
  9. by   tinatac
    Blah, I don't like that they call accepted applicants. Then, if you don't get a call, you know you've ben rejected. Sorry for being such a negative nancy haha

    I just wish they'd simply send letters or emails!
  10. by   petit.chou
    Hey everyone! I applied ED as well. I'm actually studying abroad in Ireland right now so I hope they email as quick as they call because my cell isn't on. Fingers crossed!

    P.S. Anyone know about the financial aid deadline for 2012-2013? UPenn's for example is December 15th but there's nothing up for the new year yet on the JHU site. I emailed Fin Aid but they are backed up.
  11. by   tinatac
    I'm not sure of the deadline but thanks for reminding me of UPenn's! haha
  12. by   petit.chou
    Haha, no problem. Just heard back from fin aid, not until March for JHU.
  13. by   snguy
    Hi all! I know how anxious, nervous and excited you all must be! I was in the exact same boat last year, but let me tell you, the admissions staff at Hopkins are sooo amazing and personable. I applied ED as well and actually wasn't notified until 2 days before Christmas !Mary O' Rourke called to congratulate me. It was a really great Christmas present indeed. I wish the best of luck to all of you!
  14. by   snguy
    On another note, definitely don't get discouraged if they don't call you exactly on the 15th. They do a really thorough job on evaluating each applicant

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