John hopkins hospital and starting salary

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    Hello to all,

    I was wondering if anyone new the current starting salary for new grads at JHH in Baltimore. Thanks.

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    you have to think longterm on this decision...would you rather work in some community hospital that pays your a quarter more an hour than work at JHH ? think 5 or 10 years down the road then calculate the difference...also there are no new grad jobs so you cant be picky..there are new grads working as techs in the hopkins er just so they can be inline for a position if and when someone leaves.... you cant be picky in this economy
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    Wow I can't believe no one puts up salaries on here.

    My friend was a travel RT working at Hopkins. When she asked (this time last year) they said starting RN's make $23.75 an hour. They have decent benefits (medically is superb) but it's the name on the application, not so much the money for working at this hospital.
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    I do not know what new grads get paid, nor the comparison to other local hospitals.

    I will say, that as an experienced nurses, that had offers of jobs in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and at the NIH, I chose JHUH. And while some of those jobs would have been easier (NIH), I believed in the JHUH way of doing things in my speciality. My speciality is kind of tough, there.

    I hear that pay might be a bit better in other local facilities. But JHUH has great benefits, good ratios and an awesome enviroment. It does require a bit more - the working 40 hrs instead of 36. But there times that the flexibility of PACE system actually can be advantageous. The rotating shifts can be fatiguing, but sometimes, it is good for a change. And the orientation for speciality nurses and new grads is some of the best that I have seen.

    And of course, the JHUH name can open doors. But I will say that, it would be very hard to go back to nonteaching community facilities after working Hopkins.
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    I just interviewed with them in Feb. and they are starting new grads at 28.11. That is factoring in your holiday pay, shift differential for your half nights and weekend pay. The only way your paycheck would increase is if you did overtime.
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    I just finished a year at Hopkins as a new grad i the Emergency Department Internship. The classes were great and the experience of working at Hopkins was awesome.
    The enviroment can be harsh though. There is a lot of drugs and violence in the neighborhoods surrounding the hospital and it carries over to the hospital. All non medical personel (secretaries, security, food service, parking, customer service ect) is run by a union and they make working there very very very very miserable. If you go there for a share day you will see what I mean. Take a look around, see if anyone in that hosptial is smiling or friendly.

    The pay is $28.11 an hr for new grads. That is per hour, no shift diffs or holiday OT, that is factored in. It is 40 hrs a week but it is actually schedualed 240 hours in a 6 week period. It is not exactly 40 a week. For example you could work 60 hours in one week and NOT make any overtime pay, but then you could have 8 or 9 days off in a row and still have a steady paycheck. Make sense? It's salaried. Same paycheck every week regardless of the number of shifts worked that week. You just have to make a total of 240 hours at the end of the 6 week period.
    Internship classes are factored into this total number of hours.

    This actually worked out well for me and I was able to have 8 days off once a month for vacations.
    You can also pick up overtime after you are off orientation (6 month orientation for new grads), and it is paid at time and a half.

    The medical benefits are good. The parking is EXPENSIVE! 200+ a month.
    I found the cost of living in Baltimore to be very high for the type of neighbors/crime (my car windows were smashed in 4 times and my apt broke into once) and I lived in Fells Point, a nicer neighborhood.
    Having Hopkins on your resume is a great thing but working there can be hard. I guess that depends on the area you work in. The ER was a rough place.

    I am now at a hospital in Alexandria, INOVA hospital system, they have a new grad internship as well. I think they call it a fellowship. I could send you the link if you are interested.
    If you have any questions feel free to send message.
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    Thanks for the info on Hopkins. Does Hopkins pay for nurses to go back to school for a master's degree?
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    Thanks for your reply!

    Do you know how often they hire new grads in the ER / generally when they hire?

    How conmpetitive was the hiring process for you?

    Thanks so much in advance
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    Quote from hezheather
    The pay is $28.11 an hr for new grads. That is per hour, no shift diffs or holiday OT, that is factored in.
    I know somone who was quoted more along the lines of $24 and change + shift diff etc.
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    I'm a new grad there as well and I started at $28.28. Also, parking for PACE nurses (almost all bedside nurses) is $68 a month because you rotate day/night. I'm not sure what hezheather means by no one smiling at that hospital. That's definitely not my experience but it does differ from unit to unit.
    They do pay you to go back to school. It was $10K per year but now it's $6500.

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