Are you man Enough to be a OB nurse? - page 4

As I was looking at the billboard promoting men in nursing, It read Are you man enough to be a nurse, none of these male examples however worked in Maternal-Child Health, they all worked in generic men "safe" areas? SO I'm... Read More

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    i'm an nicu nurse expected to orient to PP/LnD with limitations. the law is not on my side when it comes to those units

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    I'm "Man Enough"

    Went through my L&D rotation many years ago, saw babies being born, did post-partum care

    But I also saw my own children being born and nothing will ever compare to that.

    I just have no desire to see other peoples kids being born, and prefer working with adults.

    Doesn't make more or less of a man, or more or less of a nurse.
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    it's NOT about being "man enough" - it's about empathy - and most mothers (and probably their husbands too) prefer having females with their OB needs. plus, there's enough perverts in the world - we wouldn't want to be associated with anything close

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