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I'm sure I won't be the only guy to say that I want to work in critical care after I graduate. Havn't really got anything narrowed down yet because I don't know enough about all of them to make up... Read More

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    Aiming at OR/ER but going to do a year-2yr of med/surg to get a handle on things. Or so says the "plan." Hehe

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    Quote from richardjboro1
    I guess I'm strange. I'm one of the few males in our class that ISN"T interested in CRNA school. I do want to get either a CNS or NP tho, possibly in Trauma and/or peds. I'm loving clinicals finally too....never thought I'd like ortho M/S, but it's fun and challenging.


    I can't wait until my clinicals get fun and challenging. Right now they're just flat out pointless and boring. I'm in my second semester right now. Last semester it was fundamentals with our clinicals in a nursing home where we basically did CNA work. Now we're in peds/OB and our peds clinicals consisted of going to a daycare and observing "growth and development" (i.e., babysitting), and now our OB clinicals are pretty much observations on a L&D floor at a hospital 30 minutes away. Where's the hands-on? This isn't nursing! The classes might actually be half-intersting if we got to apply it in clinicals, but we don't. I work as a CNA at our local hospital and I'm getting to see and do way more there than I have been in nursing school. The real joke is that I'd say more than half of the students in my program only know what they've been taught and shown, concerning nursing. Therefore, they know practically nothing and will probably be weeded out eventually when they hit reality. I'm just hoping that by the time we get into med/surg that our clinicals will be at least intersting. I'm glad I work in a hospital now because this is where I learn the most. What a joke..

    Kind of went off on another rant.. It's easy to do under the circumstances..

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