Scholarships for male nursing students?

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    I'm really surprised that I can't find any, any other guys have any luck?

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    I haven't looked into scholarships yet. I have the MGI Bill from the military to pay for my first year so I was going to look into them for my second year. Let me know if you find any.
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    Don't feel bad...I applied for a non-traditional student full ride nursing scholarship (41 yo, male, single father about as non-traditional as you get) and it was awarded to a girl right out of high school. In my opinion (and this is just my opinion don't get mad ladies) I really don't think males in nursing get a fair shake with scholarships. I wasn't even considered for other scholarships I was eligible for, they all went to young females who I doubt actually needed it.


    But hey I am eligible for a small partial Pell Grant and $68 a month in living expense vouchers...what an awesome amount of help!!! So I guess working a full-time job while doing night/weekend nursing school and 2 teenagers at home is their way of getting me to build some character. Thanks guys! /end sarcasm.
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    How do you know that someone else 'doesn't need it'?

    And if you find a scholarship just for females, let me know.
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    Family contributions come to mind...probably too general a phrase though. How about "probably doesn't need it more than I do"...
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    Just because someone is young does not mean their family can / will contribute. I worked my way through college, LPN school, ADN, BSN and MSN - paying my own way.
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    Go to financial aid. I filled out their generic scholarship form for my school and was given a scholarship. Always go to Financial aid. I'm 24, have a job, and thought I'd have to work full-time from school. With a combination of a pell grant, school grant, and scholarship, I have my semester payed for and books with some extra to help month to month. GO TO FINANCIAL AID!!!!

    @tenjuna - you probably applied for a full ride that is designed for "hot shot" high school kids.
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    Actually I applied for what was supposed to be "non-traditional"...which to me doesn't mean someone just out of high school, I guess that was my main gripe. Non-traditional student - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I am probably just bitter. I feel as though I was excluded for being a single male in a nursing program...and again it's my opinion I never stated it as fact.

    Anyway I have pushed this enough off-topic, my advice is to apply for as many as you can, also try Honors scholarships and Phi Beta Kappa if you are in it. I think groups like Rotary Club and such have some as well. Research, they are out there.

    Good luck.
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    The Henry Dunant Scholarship (The Henry Dunant Scholarship for Male Nursing Students - Male Nursing Scholarship) is a $250 scholarship awarded yearly in September for male nursing students.

    This private scholarship was created to offer help to undergraduate male nursing students currently enrolled in an accredited nursing program.

    Applicants must be able to prove acceptance into an accredited nursing program, currently hold a GPA above 2.5, and submit a 1-2 page essay on the history of men in nursing.

    The first scholarship award of $250 will be awarded at the beginning of the fall semester 2013. The deadline for applications is August 1st, 2013.
    Apply Now

    Henry Dunant:
    Henry Dunant (1928-1910) was a founder of the International Red Cross and 1901 Nobel Peace Prize winner who organized, funded, and provided nursing care to the wounded of both sides after the Battle of Solferino in 1859.

    Thank you for helping to spread the word about this opportunity.

    Mike Cabot, RN
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    I was awarded a scholarship today for $584. it's the Blue Cross Blue Shield scholarship for underrepresented population in nursing. I had to write an essay about how it will help me and how I meet "underrepresented". I put that i'm male, and the vast majority of nurses are women. I didn't expect anything, but now i'm happy knowing all my books are paid for in Spring.
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