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  1. 1 Any of you guys married nursing students? I am, and there are some "being surrounded by females" issues to deal with...My wife has been great the whole way through, but she follows me so closely now that it is driving me crazy!...How is it for you?
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    yep, in school now and married with two kids. My wife hasn't given me any issues so far, though we are only in the second half of our first semester of school. However, I was in the Navy for quite some time and she learned to trust that if I wasn't going to stray while in Thailand, then I probably wouldn't stray in Nursing school even if 9 of 10 of the women in my class are hot as hell.
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    I don't have the "surrounded by women" thing going on.

    I start nursing school in August, my wife has been very supportive of me getting my pre-reqs done and I anticipate more of the same for nursing school.

    Besides what 20 year old female nursing school student is going to give a 56 year old male nursing student a second look? (I can only hope).
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    Quote from NeedchangeofPace
    I start nursing school in August, my wife has been very supportive of me getting my pre-reqs done and I anticipate more of the same for nursing school.

    Besides what 20 year old female nursing school student is going to give a 56 year old male nursing student a second look? (I can only hope).
    You and me both, though I'm only 54 right now. We do have some forty somthings in class, though most are married or otherwise spoken for. It could be a touchy subject if your wife is prone to those types of feelings. I think I would be flattered if somebody was to flirt with me, but its not something that is going to happen. Just bad ju ju all around.
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    I don't feel like it would be much different if you were going to the grocery store. The male to female ratios are a little more skewed, but other than it's as if you're in any other environment. The chances of you running off with another student are the same as you running off with the cashier or bag person. Which I hope are slim.
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    I'm not married, but I do have a girlfriend I've been dating for about three years and we have a son together so basically married. I can honestly say that this conversation has never even come up between us, and the job I currently work at I'm the only man out of 8 total people working there. However, judging from some of the guys that were in my pre-reqs with me I think some of them were less interested in nursing as a profession than being surrounded by young co-eds for the next two years.
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    Most females in my class are already married, taken, or not interested anyway Lol
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    I'm married and almost halfway through the program. I can only speak for myself that my wife has been 100% supportive and trusting and with good reason. Though I do know of two affairs that happened between students in my class last semester. Buuut, lets not talk about that here...
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    My wife has been great throughout...I have given her reasons to get jealous though (at work at the hospital and school), which i feel bad about. Girls do flirt with me somewhat and show general interest. I am in my 40's and find it very difficult to impossible to ignore good looking women!
    What may make it hard for my wife is that I have been in male dominated fields all my life. We have been married 27 years, and the change to the opposite is an adjustment to be made. I have found that women have saucy conversations all the time, and if you are around that then you get involved, or don't get involved. So I think it is hard for her to know that women talk like that to me or in my presence. But I tell her and she needs to know that most of it is just "shop talk." Still this explanation doesn't help. And I am very much a social person and not a prude, so some of the off color humor/talk is just there to get us through the day. Hope I am making some sense...
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    There are very few people in my cohort and the other guy in the program with me is married with kids. He's about five years younger than me and also a career changer. He's not going anywhere, lol. He married up.

    I'm single, but I'm uninterested in every girl in my program. Most of them have kids, one that doesn't has some serious mental issues, and the other two that don't have kids...well, it's just a miracle for them considering their lifestyle, lol.
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    Just to make things easier for myself, I hang out with the older crowd. The women that are old enough to be my mom. They are also more mature and encourage me rather than compete with me. It works out well!
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    I talk to everyone. My wife already knows that if I don't feel comfortable in a situation I don't stay in that situation for long, so I tell her stories, pass on jokes and even invite her to events that the school has.

    If I didn't love my wife and wanted to cheat...I sure as shat wouldn't be married.
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    i'm a male whose going into nursing.. i'd say my wife has been pretty good so far about it!

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