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I'm currently in my OB rotation for clinicals and lecture. The first two days of clinical I was in L&D and I had an awesome experience (witnessed a couple deliveries, worked with the fetal monitor, started foleys/IVs). The... Read More

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    I had same problem, I just went with the flow. These stupid nurse instructors go out of the way to announce you are male and a student. When I introduced myself the client never had a problem. I never witnessed the instructor announcing to a male client "a female nurse student" is going to put i a catheter in your urethra. Just get through school and be bigger than the stupid dinosaur prof. You need the grade.
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    I was not even offered the chance to see a vaginal birth. I was dumped in the C-sections most the time and PP area doing teaching. I hated the entire rotation. What sucked more is I had to do it twice and the second time was the exact same! Glad I am passed all that crap
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    I'm in OB right now, and the first week in, I was partnered with a male student and we spent the day watching two cesarean sections!
    He was not happy at the beginning of the day, and he DID NOT want to be in OB.
    But at the end of the day, he told me "OB is pretty badass."

    He and the other two guys in my group love it! And so far, all the nurses and patients seem pretty receptive.

    Let your instructor know about the nurse, and maybe she can make sure you don't have to work with her again.

    Because I know your instructor will want you doing more than just general assessments.
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    I just finished my OB rotation as well and like many others have mentioned, it was much better than I was expecting. If there wasn't such a stigma with males working OB, I think I could really enjoy doing it. There's just enough excitement to keep my medic adrenaline fix going, but enough "routine" where you can keep focused on improving just this one skill set.

    With all that being said, we all discussed this topic at the end of our OB rotation and came to the conclusion that it is the nurse who usually has the issue with the male student and goes out of their way to ensure that EVERYONE in the patient's room knows that you are a male, and that the patient has every right to deny our presence.

    For instance, many nurses in my OB rotation would go in ahead of me and inform the patient that she (the nurse) had a male student and would say something to the effect of "I have a male student nurse, would you mind he watch, or would that make you feel uncomfortable?"

    In medic school however, I did my OB clinicals in a very large metro OB hospital where they were more in tune with the male student. They would take us in the room and say something like "This is Joe, my student for the day, he will be with me and if there is anything you need, let one of us know."

    You tell me which clinical I had more success with.

    To the OP, it sucks that you had that experience, but at least you can reflect on your days in OB and say that you only had one day that wasn't up to par.
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    You should definitely talk to your clinical instructor. Try and get the same set up as you did on the first day. You should be allowed to participate in clinical just like your female cohorts.
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    I feel ya, brother.

    When I first started school, I thought that I would really like to pursue OB as a specialty. First term, we did a half shift called the "OB experience."

    When I asked the nurses there what kind of opportunities there were for guys to work in OB, they basically made me feel like I must be some kind of pervert for even considering the idea. When I asked were the best opportunities for men in nursing were, I was told that the best fit for men was in the OR.

    Based on this experience, I reached the conclusion that I will continue to try to focus on learning OB. I will learn all I can and if ever in my career I get the chance to work on an OB unit I will take it. But I am not going to rely on it.
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    Thats funny because all the Gynos at my hospital are males. I wonder why its ok for male doctors to be there but male nurses its not ok
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    My OB rotation was a total waste of time. My first two days were spent changing sheets and passing out food trays. After the second day I talked to my instructor and was told not to worry about it because I would most likely never get a job in L&D anyway. I told her in that case they should send the males to do ER or OR clinicals instead of OB. She said they have to send us since we will be tested on OB. I then asked how can it be ok to test me on something the school is not making sure I get any hands on experience doing? Needless to say that instructor didn't say much to me the rest of the semester.
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    People are funny. When I did my OB rotation I had no problems with the younger nurses. They seemed genuinely eager to assist me with my clinicals. A few of the older nurses however, while not hostile , did leave me with the feeling that this was their holy sanctum and that I was some barbarian intruding on it.
    Also, while most patients are accommodating to having male nurses present, in one of my clinicals there were all of two women there for deliveries. Both of them were Muslim. Needless to say, I spent that day standing in the hallway reading literature.
    You just need to smile and plod on through it.
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    Honestly, you couldn't pay me to do an OB rotation again. I really didn't get much out of it-other than make beds, feed babies, administer Hep vaccines to infants. You get the picture. The two patient I had in L&D weren't comfortable with me there. The patients in Post partum seemed ok, but I could tell that Dads weren't as keen on having a male student in there. Nursery was ok, but definitely not my cup of tea. I have a daughter myself, and I still can't master the art of wrapping one of those babies up! I spent most of my time trying to rewrap than assess, LOL. As for working in OB-no way, no how. Might as well lump Peds in there as well. I'll take ER, CCU or Psych anytime.

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