Male Nurses attending to female patients (morals vrs ethics)

  1. i am at a loss as to a male nurse attending to a female patient when it has to do with the nudity of the patient viz-a-viz the patient's well being, health needs etc. kindly help me out with this controversial issue.
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    What's the controversy? Can you be more specific?

    As a nurse, you'll be seeing and caring for patients. That includes the patient's entire body. The key is complete professionalism. Ensure the patient's privacy, only uncover what needs to be uncovered and be efficient. And before you even start, ask if the patient is OK with a male. The patient will let you know if they want a female nurse. In my limited experience as a student and extern, I've only had a few patients say that they wanted "the girls". This was routine peri care and once with a foley for retention.
  4. by   EMTmurse
    Male or female, both are just patients in my eyes.
  5. by   danh3190
    My last clinical rotation was on a floor with mostly female pts and I was concerned. Most of them didn't seem to care. One of them made some sort of comment that made me think that she was a bit uncomfortable with me, but after I took vitals and did my assessment she was OK. I was efficient, told her what I was doing and why I was doing it and what I was looking for. When I had to examine her incision I was careful to expose only the incision.

    Later when a male respiratory therapist came in she started saying the same things about him being male, but then she said (referring to me) O that's Dan. He's OK.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    Female nurses care for male patients all the time. And don't male doctors care for female patients in large numbers? Where is the controversy?

    While certain cultural sensitivities exist that make it difficult for nurses to care for patients of the opposite gender, there is no reason (other than patient preferences) that male nurses can't care for female patients. One should not assume that there is automatically going to be a problem every time a male healthcare provider approaches a female patient.

    As for 'nudity'........I've never worked with a nurse who exposes his or her patient unnecessarily while performing personal care. We pull privacy curtains and drape the patient as much as possible. And frankly, there is probably no one less interested in patients' intimate areas than a nurse---we've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of genitalia during the course of our careers and never think twice about it.
  7. by   JustinTJ
    I have been overnight in a hospital one time in 29 years. But it was 10 days, and I almost died in the process.

    During that time, I had only one male nurse. Over 10 female nurses saw my ass hanging out of that robe and I never thought anything was amiss. They were doing their job, keeping me alive. It should be the same way when we care for female patients, but for some it's not. On the other hand, I'm sure there are male patients who are the same way with female nurses.
  8. by   ewattsjt
    The only true controversy is in the patient's attitude. If they don't want a male nurse, we should be open minded enough to honor that request. It is a request of dignity and values instilled into the person when they were a child.

    Also remember that if the patient doesn't want you there, you do not want to be made to be there without "witnesses." To make a long story short, the facility would have to assign a female to witness your actions anyhow, so why not simply reassign you to someone who wants a nurse (be it male or female)?

    I work in the OR and have been switched because of the patient's request of no males in the room, except the doctor and anesthesiologist. I have to say that it did kind of hurt my feelings (made me feel like no African Americans, in my room or no one over age 55 because they may shake) but if the patient doesn't want you there....don't be there.

    I think there is coming a time, especially in this time of nursing shortage where statements like no males in my room will be viewed as any other discriminatory remarks.
  9. by   beema
    ya male or female both patients when i see there is nothing diffrent
  10. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    I can say I am having similiar things at my work. I work in LTC and I have mostly ladies. For the most part many are comfortable with me. However, there is one lady who does not like me to cath her. She doesn't mind me passing her meds or providing other care as long as it nothing to do with her breast and peri area. I respect her wishes and get a female nurse to do the cath. My coworkers are great about it because really it comes down to what the resident wants.

    It is weird that female nurses can pretty much help anyone and everyone - male or female-; but some people are really just not comfortable with men. I even had male patients get upset if I try to do cares. For example, all I needed to do was a skin check on a resident and he got really vocal about it, so I told him that I would get another nurse. My coworkers then told me that he doesn't like guys doing that. My feelings don't get hurt over it, but I can't help but feel some what useless as a nurse and then I feel bad that my female coworkers have to do certain cares on my patients. I also don't understand why male nurses seem to get resistance and yet these residents don't have a problem with their male doctor.

    I think it is just going to take time for people to get comfortable with men in nursing. I hope it happens soon because more and more men are moving into nursing.
  11. by   Apollorn
    The input has been interesting and I thank everyone for sharing.

    Recently I've had a first-time-in-the-hospital male patient with a fractured pelvis. I had him on day shift and he was a bit uncomfortable with the whole A.M. care thing. The next morning, after he had a female RN during nights for care, he was grateful to have me and actually refused enemas from female staff. He actually saved the enema for me because he preferred a guy which is, I guess, against the norm.

    Thought I'd throw that out because there's always an exception to everything.
  12. by   fenders
    I've never had any problems, in fact many female pateints loved having nales nurses. Maybe some of the younger pateints have issues with self esteem. No difference than a male doctor. Also Nurse Practiotioners who work in rural areas perform similar duties to a physicans clinic. It's time people get over this. If they insist then we'll change or if they have religious concerns then for sure,we'll do our best, that's all we can do. just be careful of some female patient's, if they seem like they are off get afemale in with you. dont want the charge of sex assault over your head.
  13. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    I'm currently in LTC through the end of the month. I can tell you that many of my little ladies LOVE having a guy nurse. They are like..."ohh...we have man taking care of us"... Then I get my butt pinched when I am getting a med from the bottom drawer. I was taking a ladies pulse when she said..."it is going to be higher because you are holding my hand!" LOL.

    Then they always try to feed me and say a "man needs to keep his energy up." And some say..."see that picture over there...that's my grand daughter who is single" They really truly make me laugh through out my shift.

    I had one 92 year old lady say to me as she raised her shirt. Do you see my nipple. I was yeah... what's wrong with it? Her reply. "Nothing". :lol_hitti

    I am really going to miss them.
  14. by   CRNA2BKY
    Yeah, I too am at a loss of what you are talking about. I see no controversial issues here at all. You take care of all your patients, man or woman, black or white, tall or short, old or young, and everything in between. Take care of your patients in a respectful manner. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be a nurse.