I said nothing; family, friends or a job will stop me from being a nurse

  1. Hey guys,

    The title of this says it all but there is still nothing wrong with a little of advice. I've been working my current job as a customer service representative for a little over 2 years now. I work the type of job that gives no personal satisfaction it's just a job that pay bills. I hate working this job but according to family and friends and everyone else that see it this way, it's a job that pays decent and have great benefits. It's a full time job, very no extremely stressful. I actually hate what I do. Since 13 years old I've been waiting to be a nurse. Due to my own personal situations and set backs ( I can't lie) also my own laziness I am now 30 years old still waiting to make my dream a reality.
    The difference now is I've gotten off my lazy horse and put the work into making my dream a successful reality. I've applied and will be receiving my financial aid which pretty much has rent, utilities covered. I am planning on getting myself a car soon to make traveling to school easier than riding public transportation as I'm doing now. Either way my budgeting I've been working on for the past few months now to work all together.
    The only thing is now I am kind of afraid to ask my job to go part time because they may say it's unavailable. So that leads me to quitting the job which I would be fine with just wouldn't have the extras in life I'm use to. In away so what I would be sacrificing 2 years of my life to struggle a little bit for a lifestyle that will be worth while. I guess I'm scared and looking for that support system. I'm not talking about quitting school to start the actual nursing program, but I'm talking about quitting to go into a CNA course at my community college. After I take the test for CNA that will leave me struggling to find a job as a CNA and which won't be anything close to what I'm getting paid now. The good side is it will get my foot in the door if I find a CNA job in my area while I'm continuing school and working on my Associates degree if I'm accepted into the Associates course for nursing in my school. There's a lot of hopes to find a job and hopes of acceptance into the nursing program and willing to leave a guaranteed job. What are you guys opinion on this? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   Still Standing
    I say you have to follow what's in your heart that way you could never go wrong! Good Luck!
  4. by   rportee0
    Thank you I know that's what I will end up doing. Just looking for advice and seeing if anyone else had to make this decision as well. Thank you for your reply though.
  5. by   MilliePieRN
    I think you should sign up to take some pre-reqs before you dive in head first and quit your job. You will have to take several before you can apply to nursing school anyway.
  6. by   rportee0
    Yes I agree with that. Thank you for your feedback. The main reason I posted this was because the job I have now would interfere with my CNA class which is a prerequisite for my Associates class. From my plans I don't see me actually being able to attend the Associates portion of school until mid 2015. I'm mostly wondering if my current job is interfering with CNA classes if I should quit my job go for CNA or should I keep working then just have CNA under my belt once I get further with my prerequisites.
  7. by   MilliePieRN
    I would keep working and find a cna course that could be done in your time off (if that is where you want to start, I would say instead of starting with a cna class, you start with some of the classes required for your program). The reality: competition is brutal to get in to nursing school and I would not burn any bridges. My advice would be dependent on your previous college history. If you have never been and don't know if you can make the grades, you have got to start with a few to get your feet wet and see how you will do.

    I'm an older student too, so I know where you are coming from. I actually think older students with no prior college have the advantage...
  8. by   rportee0
    Thank you very much for your feedback on this. That sounds very reasonable. I do have to take my pre-reqs anyway so that will definitly be my start. It's been so long since I've been to school so I do need to get my feet wet lol. I'm planning to take my math and english classes starting this May. I'll be working full time still at this point and I just hope 8 credit hours with these two classes will not be too much for me. Thank you again for your reply :-)
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    Guess I don't know why you think you have to take the CNA class first. Is it some sort of prerequisite for all the nursing programs around you? If not, forget it. Start your nursing prereqs in night school or whatever asap, then start your nursing program.
  10. by   seriouslyserious
    do it... i was in a similar situation.

    if your grades start to drop, work part-time or QUIT. nursing school acceptance is competitive. YOU NEED TO GET A's, not B's... once you get in, it gets worse. my cohort is 3.7+ GPA and half my class just failed the 1st test. prioritizing is key... i took out a loan so i did not have to work and focus on school. another minute part of my life consists of the fighting, the gym, and my girlfriend... make no mistake, i will walk out on my hobbies and my girlfriend on a dime... for the sake of my grades.
  11. by   HouTx
    GrnTea is correct. You don't need a CNA to become a nurse. This may just be a waste of time.

    The most efficient approach would be to knock out your pre-requisites at a CC while you are still employed - and saving all the money you can. Then, when you are accepted to nursing school, you can find a part-time McJob that will cover the necessities. Don't delay any longer. Enroll in your first classes next term.

    Good luck - keep us posted on your progress.
  12. by   Mr.FutureDNP23
    Please don't quit your job to be a cna. Not worth it! Rather, just focus on making good grades for now.
  13. by   Natural510
    Hey, I'm 37 years old and just finishing my Associate's after working as a CNA these past four years in acute care. It's a long road, but trust me it is worth it. Like yourself, I slacked off my 20s working job after unfulfilling job. I have to disagree with those who say to quit the CNA position; unless you're experiencing significant burn-out, the experience will help you immensely in nursing school, especially if you work at a hospital. Plus it gives you a leg up on other new grads, and you very well may be hired as an RN by the place you worked as a CNA.
  14. by   rportee0
    Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. As an update. I left my job this past friday for, let's just say somethings are actually meant to be. Either way. My HR told me to file unemployement which I did. Once that is rolling in I should be ok . Also I have enrolled in classes which was a weird first experience. What first experience isn't weird right? One class is a pre-req and the other two are just fillins because everything and I mean everything was taken. I think it's time to do school full time after this semester.
    CNA is a pre-req in it's own term around here so yes I do have to take CNA and I do feel it will be a hard, but great experience for me. I do believe strongly that is my next J.O.B I'll have while I'm continuing school to be a RN.
    I've had a rough few days to the adjustment but I feel everything will actually be ok as long as I keep my goals in front of me and keep focused. I'm nervous, excited all at once. Will keep you guys posted will all changes, and I hope to see some of you follow along with my crazy stories lol!