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Hey guys, The title of this says it all but there is still nothing wrong with a little of advice. I've been working my current job as a customer service representative for a little over 2 years now. I work the... Read More

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    Please don't quit your job to be a cna. Not worth it! Rather, just focus on making good grades for now.

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    Hey, I'm 37 years old and just finishing my Associate's after working as a CNA these past four years in acute care. It's a long road, but trust me it is worth it. Like yourself, I slacked off my 20s working job after unfulfilling job. I have to disagree with those who say to quit the CNA position; unless you're experiencing significant burn-out, the experience will help you immensely in nursing school, especially if you work at a hospital. Plus it gives you a leg up on other new grads, and you very well may be hired as an RN by the place you worked as a CNA.
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    Thank you all for your comments and recommendations. As an update. I left my job this past friday for, let's just say somethings are actually meant to be. Either way. My HR told me to file unemployement which I did. Once that is rolling in I should be ok . Also I have enrolled in classes which was a weird first experience. What first experience isn't weird right? One class is a pre-req and the other two are just fillins because everything and I mean everything was taken. I think it's time to do school full time after this semester.
    CNA is a pre-req in it's own term around here so yes I do have to take CNA and I do feel it will be a hard, but great experience for me. I do believe strongly that is my next J.O.B I'll have while I'm continuing school to be a RN.
    I've had a rough few days to the adjustment but I feel everything will actually be ok as long as I keep my goals in front of me and keep focused. I'm nervous, excited all at once. Will keep you guys posted will all changes, and I hope to see some of you follow along with my crazy stories lol!
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    Keep your job and start saving every cent you can. At the same time take an evening CNA course and see what you think once you have done some clinical time.

    Then you will have some savings to help you if you do decide to quit your job.

    Seriously, do NOT quit your well paying job until you have actually done some time in a facility helping patients with their care.
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    Thank you for your feedback CrunchRN. I didn't quit I was let go just recently. I'm still adjusting and I have some classes to take before CNA. I'm looking for work now but we'll see how things go. I will make the best of this I can.
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    maybe you could volunteer at a nursing home in the mean time for some exposure?
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    I have to get my CNA prior to entrance into the Nursing Program for which I have already applied. I have to have it completed before classes start in August in order to start the Nursing classes. But, if i get in to the nursing program, I'm planning to take the CNA courses on weekends in June so that I can work during the week. It costs $575 but includes materials. I currently work in a hospital and make decent money, more than most CNAs so I won't be leaving my job once i get the CNA liscense nor until I get a job as a RN. If i left, I would not only be giving up my paycheck, i would be giving up insurance, tuition reimbursement, and $300 a month that goes into my 401K. Really weigh what you're giving up besides the paycheck. I have two kids who have just gotten to ages where they can be more understanding and helpful in a way. I just keep telling myself that people do it every day and that I am going to do it too.
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    CNA 8-week class was required for my ADN as well. I think at 30 you know what you want and if nursing is still in your heart I say go, gO, GO!! I waitressed two days a week while I was in nursing school, managed rent with roommates, and still got a to part a bit

    Anything is doable if you have the heart and patience to just take it all one day at a time!

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    Sorry for the essay. Funny, because I am in the exact same boat. I’m 26. I got my nutrition degree in 2010. Then decided I wanted to teach and did my teaching internship. Lol don’t ask. Now after several years of working around and doing odds and ends I decided to do something with my life. I have a full time job that pays decent, has benefits, etc. People have always told me I am so caring and friendly that I would be a great nurse. I have a vested interested in the well being of others. I’ve pondered it throughout my college career but never actually did anything. My problem is I think but not act. Which I am trying to balance out. Sometimes you just have to go with it and let go and let god. Life is short, do what you want to do. One day while me and my best friend were in my room I meantioned “bro, *** am I doing with my life reall? It has no meaning right now..” My best friend who is a nursing student was like you should apply to nursing school. I thought about it for a minute and I stood up and I was like “lets do this sh*t!” I search for schools that I still had time for. All have passed or I did not meet requirements. I eventually found one. My deadline for that school was the end of Jan 2013. I decided to apply in mid December 2012 haha. It was the most grueling process ever. Probably one of the most difficult tasks I have ever under took. In a month and few weeks I got letters of recommendations, transcripts from 2 colleges and 2 highschools, took a CNA course, got my CRP cert, studied and passed the TEAs test, passed CNA written and skills test, and submitted my application. All while under the radar of my full time job. It was a clusterf*ck. I guess I underestimate myself because I totally did not think I would get in. Somehow I did when I got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago. My jaw dropped and I ran around my neighborhood hollering and yelling. People thought I was crazy. I did it! I plan on telling my job this soon, but I have been hesitant because I didn’t want the word out and I could loose my job if they know I’m leaving soon. However I thought about it more. Im in good standing, and I am going to go back to school and better myself. If they let me go early because of that then they aren’t the people I thought they were. Anyway, I’ll just find a CNa job if it happens. Do what you gotta do man and make no regrets. You’re either in this or your out. Full throttle. If this is what you really want, do everything in your power to achieve it. Nursing school in the fall will be tough. I still have over 50k in student loans to pay, still have to work and support myself while in school, and have time to love of my dog. Juggling friends family, sleep, school, work etc will be a b*tch. But I’m ready. I have put so much effort in this I can’t go back. Just have to go forward. Surround yourself with people who will support you , budget like no tomorrow, and prioritize school, work, and sleep. You can do this! I have always doubted myself and my abilities. However a few days ago, my faithful and loyal coworker said to me “I knew you could do it. You are young. You are smart. Do something with your life. Don’t ever doubt your abilities.” I now believe her. Courage and conviction my friend. Best of luck. We're in this together.

    Sorry if my post is long and irrelevant. Just had to share my story.
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    Very powerful post @seahawksfanguy

    You make me proud to be entering this profession as a male :thumbsup:

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