HOWS L.I.F.E as a MALE Nurse???

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    How are you treated???

    Hows the pay? ????

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    Life is good. I'm treated respectfully and appropriately. My pay is good, but that's because I'm a DON. In the end, I really enjoy being a nurse and am very glad I went into the profession (it was practically an accident). Life as a STUDENT male nurse was awesome lol. THAT was fun!
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    Quote from Student Nurse_7
    How are you treated???

    Hows the pay? ????
    Hello i m a male nurse and i live in Spain. Donīt care about it. Al least, here, be male or female has the same right, same salary... Cuntinue studying if you like it.
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    Was it hard getting a job
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    Getting a job has never been an issue for me... I personally have not worked under a manager whole preferred one gender over the other
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    So it wasn't as hard for you to find a job?? Were you s new grad with experience?
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    Welcome to AN! The largest online nursing community!

    Have you been accepted to a program? What semester are you in or when do you start? What kind of program are you in...for your experience will vary there as well.

    Unfortunately, the economy has had an effect on nursing. There are reports right now that as much as 43% of new nursing graduates are having difficulty finding a job with the search being as long as 18 months or longer. When the economy dumped many nurses expected to retire could not.

    Many nurses that left to be stay at home Moms returned to the workforce to support their families when their husbands got laid off. In some areas of nursing I thing males are given preference for their physical strength, they are usually not the one to stay home with sick little ones....and they don't get pregnant.

    I think it varies from location to location and state to state.....with only about 10% of the nursing population being male it stands to reason that males are more likely statistically to get hired. Some interesting threads.

    There is a glut/surplus in the nursing graduate market right now with
    six hospitals in the Daughters of Charity Health System in Los Angeles. Each hospital has a program in place aimed at hiring at least 10 new grads a year, but the competition is fierce. Karam often receives more than 1,000 applications for each post. For other positions, the hospitals prefer experienced nurses.
    New grads experiences vary location to location and facility to facility. As you become familiar with this will find a ton of information at your finger tips. There is a search option in the upper right hand don't need to even ask a question and you may find your answer. Type your subject grads....or nursing shortage......and you will get results for your reading first year after licensure...First Year After Nursing Licensure. We have nursing student assistance for homework help as well.

    We have over 600,000 nurses from all over the world and working shifts 24/7 and sometimes it takes a few hours to a couple of days for you to receive your answer.

    I wish you the best on your nursing journey
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    Quote from Student Nurse_7
    So it wasn't as hard for you to find a job?? Were you s new grad with experience?
    the reason behind the "new hiring nurses no experience no job" trend.

    this is a demographics based career... if the population continues to grow (which it will), so does the need for health care professionals; unless, they find a way to automate "nursing" responsibilities. you might not like the location, but you WILL ALWAYS have a job.

    i also believe that when society is saturated with nurses (which it will be), the pay will decrease, and they will require a minimum 4 year degree (bachelor). the NCLEX will also reflect this. i hope they make all those BSNs retake it. haha~!
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    I hope this is encouraging--it's meant to be. My 30-yr-old son just got his BSN and was hired shortly after that at the hospital where he did his practicum. He treated the practicum like a long-running job interview and it worked for him. When I got out of nursing school in 1993, same thing, glut of nurses on the market, and had to drive 75 miles each way to work when I found a job at a hospital.

    Please hang in there--take any job you can, even if it's at a SNF. Broaden your horizons. Do flu shots during flu season. Volunteer at health fairs and BP clinics. Maybe your church will let you do some volunteer parish nursing, similar to community health nursing but with faith added to it. Good luck and take care.
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    My husband is a nurse and I am studying to become one. He's treated very well. Plus, what man doesn't mind working with a lot of women?
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