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  1. specultr

    Willing to move anywhere do anything!

    I agree with community college being the best route. It's cheap and of good quality.
  2. Invest in a good microwave.
  3. specultr

    How to guarantee study time?

    I turn off my computer and the tv. I might even unplug them. Plus, I close the door to keep the dogs out.
  4. specultr

    HOWS L.I.F.E as a MALE Nurse???

    My husband is a nurse and I am studying to become one. He's treated very well. Plus, what man doesn't mind working with a lot of women?
  5. specultr

    Career Change from Finance to Nursing

    That's a tough schedule. A&P was very hard for me. It takes a lot of study. I think you'll do really great. You sound very smart and determined.