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Just curious, were most of you guys apprehensive when you decided to go for nursing, or were you guys 100% confident in your decision? For either question, please give a reason why as to why you were or not anxious. thank you.... Read More

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    Nursing RAWKS! Here we have a calling that demands both intellectual and emotional maturity, doesn't care what connections you do or don't have, doesn't care about your age, sex, race, or ANYTHING except how well you can do your job. Yeah this board is full of complaints about this and that, but compare nursing to anything else and it looks as apolitical as a job can get.

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    Even in my Junior year, I remember wondering if I'd bitten off more than I could chew.

    But I had a pediatrics rotation during the last semester of school and after taking care of a real tough case (but a very rewarding one), I finally realised that I'd done the right thing.

    Now I love peds so much, I want to do peds when I get my lisence

    I don't remember much how I felt going in - but boy was I ****ing happy when I got DONE with school! :chuckle

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