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Getting Married in school?

  1. 0 I just started nursing school this month. I already have a BA, so I'll be done in March of '15. I attend Chamberlain College and am in the BSN program. I got engaged over winter break. We're looking to get married April of next year, during my spring break. I will basically be in nothing but clinicals and nursing classes starting in Jan of next year. I start clinicals this May. My mother and pastor are concerned that I'm going to get in over my head by trying to plan a wedding and do nursing school. Do you think it's doable? Have any of you gotten married while. In nursing school? I know it will be intense, but I think I should be ok. My fianc will be doing most of the planning and work. Also, we're keeping it small (around 50 people), and we're thinking of something small and close for the reception. Any thoughts or comments? Any chamberlain people who can comment on how much work the clinicals are? I should add that I'm a male nursing student, so my fianc, being the bride to be, is more than happy to do the bulk of the planning.
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    I got engaged two weeks after I started school and will get married 3 weeks after graduating. Space yourself. Make a detailed timeline of what you need to do for the wedding and school and mark them off. It's doable for sure, esp if your fianc does a lot of the work. Don't worry about the small stuff and just remember that you'll be married and a nurse at the end if it all.
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    get a wedding planner if you can . And put the wedding on the back burner until you finished nursing school.
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    First off, congratulations! I just recently got engaged myself this past Nov. and believe me, even when trying to have a small wedding you will be overwhelmed. I tried to juggle both, the wedding and school, and personally I was a mess. Nursing school is tough enough without having something as important as your wedding taking up the little free time you'll have. Because of school I had to push my wedding to next year so that I could fully focus on my schooling now. If you're able to do it kudos and more power to you, I know it will be hard. Good luck!!
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    I am in student 3 weeks in the BSN program..good luck with getting married and hope your new spouse can stand time "away" from you even if you still there. Did you say your program ends March 2015? Thats a rather long time, mine ends 2014 If I were you I would wait.
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    Sorry, I must say do not attend chamberlin! It is crazy expensive. I would apply to a com college, regardless of your previous bs degree. You will only pay 3k to 4.5k a year at a com college. Bsn rns and asn rns only make a $1 diff in hourly pay. So there is virtually no diff in whether or not you have a bsn degree. All that will matter is that your an rn.

    I think only you can know if getting married right now. And know mother knows best.

    And if you do decide to marry now, I hope you plan on eloping at city hall. You are not going to have time to plan for a wedding and if you spend all your $ at chamberlin you will not have $ to have the wedding you want. Nursing school is hell it's not fun and you will be stressed. I would wait to get married.
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    doable... yes. recommended... different story. a couple of people in my cohort drowned because of time (priority) management issues.

    marry now or marry 2 years later... what is the difference? going to be hell for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. =)

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