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Hello everyone! I will be joining the nursing workforce in a couple of months specializing in urological needs (I am not going into med/surg). As a gay male, I am concerned that some male patients will react adversely when... Read More

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    Quote from NurseGuyBri
    I'll bet your fears will be unconfirmed. You are a professional and i suspect you will act that way, even if you happen to be effeminate. I have never had any concerns because although you can usually tell that I am gay, when I'm with a patient I ensure the focus stays on the patient. Don't be fake, it will show. Just be natural but professional. Again, I seriously doubt you will have trouble.
    My thoughts exactly! I would just make it all about the patient. As long as you're professional, I don't foresee any issues. For example, when I am in the doctors office, I am thinking about my health/what I'm there for and what the doctor/nurse are saying to me and their professional attitude. I think the more comfortable you are, the more comfortable your patients will be =)

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    I think I would handle this like any male rejected by a female patient. I'd respect their wishes and go on. Sexual orientation shouldn't make this a harder question than it is. If a female nurse is rejected by a male patient then simply respect his wishes. I'm not understanding why this is difficult.
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    I don't know what you meant by "act weird"to the above responder)....I personally think we all come in different shapes/sizes/sexual preferences etc. I have seen the gamut..women who cant have a man in her room unless her hair is covered makes it challengting for a male...dr or nurse....etc.
    Most of the time this will be KNOWN before you get an assignment(i.e if the nurse does not want a particular sex of nurse etc. )
    I would think..just my personal opinion here that any man that does not want a "gay" man taking care of him probably would also refuse a "straight" man also...given that they have homophobia and lord knows if a man touches their penis they would somehow be violated<insert sarcasm here>.
    I would not fret about your sexual preference....just handle these situations professionally and above all do NOT take them personally.
    I wish you much success and I am stereotyping here...but in my experience the "gay" male nurses I have encountered have all been absolutley wonderful and I hope males dont want them so I can have them when I am sick and in the hospital etc!!!!!! Ok no flaming at me here...Just smile and be happy ...dont let someones rejection of you as a nurse get you down.
    Think of this saying that always helps me when I get down...
    "People throw rocks at things that shine"...there is a song out there if you are familiar with it.
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    How would this concern be any different then if you were a straight male doing care on a female..?
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    Quote from Devon Rex
    Hello everyone!

    I will be joining the nursing workforce in a couple of months specializing in urological needs (I am not going into med/surg). As a gay male, I am concerned that some male patients will react adversely when they suspect or realize that I am gay. I understand many patients will not care and will understand that I am there to help them and it is not some sick joke. This is particularly personal for the patient given the specialty (Urology).

    I would like to know how other male nurses have handled situations where a straight male patient has refused or made it very uncomfortable for you to do your job. I do not expect the approval of every patient… just looking for pointers on how to manage this type of situation in a professional manner.

    Everyone, please tell me what you think or would do. Thank you!
    *** What are you going to do, wear an I'M GAY t shirt? How would a patient become aware you are a homosexual?
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    Quote from tomc5555
    Be professional and do a great job. Thats all anyone can expect or want from a nurse.
    The rest is none of the patients business.
    Right. What about straight male nurses being uncomfortable around gay male patients,
    or gay male patients being uncomfortable around straight male nurses.

    Never hear about doctors worried about their patients sexuality.
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    Quote from truckinusa
    I'm straight, but if you have that gay voice and are all flamboyant about your gayness it would make me uncomfortable. I really have no issues with women, but I don't act weird either.
    This is funny! Words escape my mind to even respond.
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    I work in addictions and have to conduct physical assessments that require the guys to take off their pants and underwear. We are looking for contraband and open, draining wounds. I have never had a problem with straight guys. However, gay guys tend to give me a hard time as they picked up that I am gay. Regardless, I maintain being professional throughout the process.
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    So i am a woman, but one of my best friends is a gay male nurse. When I asked him about how he handles it (he does have to do physical assessments with de-robed patients) he said most people do not even notice. He has had one person request a different nurse. The man was not rude in the request. So just be professional and I doubt you will ever have a problem.
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    I really wonder... how does anybody know whether a nurse is straight or gay?

    Some of my coworkers know I'm straight because I've mentioned my wife in casual conversation but for the most part, unless someone is acting out their sexuality, how would anybody else ever know their personal proclivities?
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