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Guys, I am in the first semester of nursing and am taking pharmacology. I am overwhelmed with the number of drugs that are available. As I am able to study and grasp all the drugs and do well in the quizes (which really means... Read More

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    So I read where KckSrt sez "proton pump inhibitors" and I immediately mumble "Nexium 40mg PO qdaily". Yeeesh...

    Agree with rudys on the PDA too. I look meds and test details up all the time. Usually wind up with an RN peering over my shoulder.

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    Don't worry about it right now, there is no way to memorize every drug you come across and that is not the point of learning pharm--it is to give you an introduction to pharm and to learn what to look for, where to find info, critical thinking skills about drugs, grouping drugs by class, etc.

    I'm finishing my second semester and am doing very well. We have had both a pharm class and they push drugs heavily in all my other classes as well. I'm finding it just gets easier with time, you see certain drugs over and over and over again (Lovenox, heparin, morphine, etc) and those get burned into your brain but I don't know ANYONE (RN, MD, etc) who doesnt' still have to look up drugs in the drug guide. Well our floor pharmacist seems to know them all...lol... and that is also why he is there, RN and MDs go to him all the time to talk about drugs, interactions, side effects, how to administer it, etc.

    And ya I agree with the PDA as well. I have a Palm TX and use it every single day.
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    NCLEX might test you on drug classifications but it will not test you on dosages, unless it is a math question (in which case you will be given the parameters).
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    Quote from rudys
    guys i graduated and passed the boards my school did not require any pharm classes. it does help to know them but if you get a good background youll learn what you need to know and look up the others when you need to. i learned a PDA is my best friend its faster and lighter than a book ever could be.
    I have a PDA with Davis's Drug Guide and it's amazingly helpful. Just like having a thick drug book that fits in your pocket, and it's much faster to look up meds. I can look up any med and know the doseage reccomendations within 10 seconds easy.

    If anyone gets a PDA I reccomend getting Nursing Constellation from Skyscape, and Davis's Drug Guide. Worth every penny.
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    I took Pharmocology as a pre-requisite in a 4 week summer semester and it was A LOT of info to retain. I did so for the final, but now I am going over it all in my leisure time because I just did not feel I remembered what I had learned. I know in nursing school everything is comprehensive so I am trying to find ways to really do that. Studying over it without the pressure of a grade is helping me. I am in my last semester of pre-requisites, and have just been accepted into the nursing program, so I am reviewing hard. We even made a drug notebook, but the class was just too intense. Maybe if I make another one, it will really stick.
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    Someone may have already posted this, but you should study CLASSES of drugs instead of studying each individual drug.

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    I am doing that too. I still have time to do about 5 per day. Not having pressure for tests really helps.

    Quote from swtooth
    Someone may have already posted this, but you should study CLASSES of drugs instead of studying each individual drug.

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    Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. Truly appreciate it.
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    listen to what these people are saying... a PDA can be a very handy tool to have.. there is no way on earth you can remember all of the meds out there..just try to understand what the purpose of the drug is, the most common side effects and the basics... as you give meds, you will become familiar with them, just don't give a med w/out knowing about it. you always want to be able to tell your pt what the drug is, what it is used for, and why they are getting it..
    don't stress it too much.. it will come in time~~

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