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Ok, so I've been in healthcare for 18+ years (no - I'm not an old bag, I got into the field young...) Originally I was a critical care focused Respiratory Therapist (RCP) and only recently switched over to nursing and am working... Read More

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    Wow that is great to hear.

    Usually when I tell the ladies that I am heading into nursing school I add a clarification that goes something like this:

    Lady: "So what do you do?"

    Me: " I'm getting ready to head into nursing school.... but I'm totally straight"

    (no offense to anyone)

    Now I can say:

    " I'm getting ready to head into nursing school... and I'm the kind of nurse that :heartbeat the ladies"
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    As if being a nurse itself wasn't enough...I'll gladly take on these extra challenges.
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    As if being a nurse itself wasn't enough...I'll gladly take on these extra "challenges".
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    I am beginning to see this is very true. Just finished my first year of nursing school. I work as a telemetry tech in a smaller hospital at the moment. I have been on days for the last year and none of the girls (older) appeal to me. But for the last week I have worked nights (more new grads) and all of the sudden instead of having to tube the tele boxes to the floor they show up in groups to get them. Maybe I'm wrong, but feeling a lot of flirtatious vibes.

    I interviewed for an extern job in the ER of a large hospital on Thursday. Busiest ER in the mid-state area. I am pretty sure I am going to get it and anxious to see the difference in prospects.
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    Haha, Now I feel so good after rejection from 2011 UCLA new grad job. Thanks for the info and now I go for another job search.
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    OMG I wish all that were true! (extremely skeptical) However, IMO the only thing I ever want out of nursing is to be able to find a job where work is enjoyable. I've lived the life of spending every Sunday night dreading the start of a new week. Never Again!
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    Hi J Modz.....

    Is Modz short for anything?.....I have a cousin ....who is a Modz plus extra .....she is a hyper successful partner in a multinational management firm....just putting it out ther....
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    Hi docomo,

    what did you do previously if I may ask?

    I'm still feeling burnt out from my old folks home work.....crazy.

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    man i telling you young fellas out there when you start working at a place the best thing you can do is just be generally nice to people, everyone from the house keeping people to the hottest nutrtionist girl in the hosptial, esp be nice around all the hot co-workers. they notice that crap..alos compliment them, "hey i like your hair, those are some cool earings...i compliment all of them from resp techs to the residents..gotten a few dates from it. be nice, sincere and you'll have a blast.
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    Quote from RN1980
    be nice, sincere and you'll have a blast.
    Can't say it better than that!

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