Anyone else feel like they got "shafted" in clinicals? Anyone else feel like they got "shafted" in clinicals? - pg.3 | allnurses

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Anyone else feel like they got "shafted" in clinicals? - page 3

I'm in my 2nd semester in an accelerated program. I'm the only male in a group of 7 students for our summer rotation of Med/Surg II, Peds, and Maternity. I was literally the "odd man out" when it... Read More

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    haha, I found the pregnant women didn't usually have a problem with the males it was their mother that had old fashioned views. What struck me as really funny is they had no problem letting the male doctor do his thing but wanted me out of the room when her female parts would be exposed. Honestly, I didn't mind because it meant I could study for exams instead of pretending to be interested in something I am not.

    I did however have good experience in the nursery.
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    If I didn't have to do an OB rotation I wouldn't. Not gonna offend me one bit to be asked to leave.
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    I would be upset if I was missing out on something that everyone else was able to learn from and was reflected in a later test. That just sounds wrong. But, like many have said, it really depends on the patients, staff, instructors...I hope when my turn comes, it isn't even an issue.
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    Keep in mind that the girl nursing students often say that the guy nurses are the most patient and best teachers. You'll be one soon! Plus, a lot of the patient's think you're the doctors, this can be a good and bad thing.
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    I gave birth to my twins vaginally 9 years ago. This thread brought back memories of the two nursing students that watched. One was a male nursing student that my husband kept telling to come closer so he could get a better look. His face is one I will always remember, lol. He was horrified and enjoyed it all at the same time I think. He cried a little. . I never even considered not letting him watch just because he was a guy. The other nursing student inserted my catheter (after the epidural). I won't forget the look on her face either. Now, a nursing student hopeful, I am really going to try to keep the look of horror to a minimum while focusing my attention on nether regions, lol.
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    If not for my VERY AWESOME clinical instructor, I would have despised OB. She made my experience worth it. Did not particularly care for L&D, I saw 2 C-sections in one day, never saw a live vaginal delivery and I was cool with that. Loved the nursery, and more particularly the NICU. Hated mother/baby, despite the fact that I always lucked out with mothers who were cool with a male nursing student (seriously, could not care less to feel your fundus but you liked me and you felt better, that is all that mattered). And don't get me started on the nurses. Estrogen City. Hated the vibe, never ever want to visit that unit again (thankfully it's at a different hospital than where I hope to work entirely). Currently doing clinical/capstone on a med/telemetry unit. The mostly female staff is awesome and they like me. If I end up working there I could be happy as a clam for a little while
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    Kind of funny how that works...students versus real world with us my school, it was the instructors and other students (Female) that assumed the patients wouldnt want a male nursing student...tsk tsk,....still goes on today....funny thing is,,,im a labor and delivery neonate nurse now...never had a patient say she would rather not have me...its all in the approach, I even assist with breast feeding and infants latching on a daily basis. The reason i went back to eXCELSIOR TO GET MY RN (which im 3 classes away from finishing now)...was due to the horrid discrimination i faced in nursing school based on gender, and pre conceived notions..WOmen have faced adversity for years in law enforcement,,,,etc. Guess its our turn
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    Theres a lot of female pt who will request to not have a male nurse perform a cath on them.

    Quote from man-nurse2b
    Do female nurses/students get kicked out of cat lab when they have to insert a catherter into a guy and for most men, their "member" ALWAYS has a mind off their own and often get hard due to having a female doing the procedure??? I know becuase Iǘe spoken to female nurses who this happen to and it embarrassing for both the patient and the nurse. Lets be frank! noone says hold up I'll get a male nurse for this patient and to be honest I'm not sure if that male patient would want a male nurse know we got big

    Hey well there is one sure solution for male nurses to get OB rotations...get married and plan to have a baby to be born during your clinicals, I garranttee you will have a new respect for your wife and women. For those who think they are not missing out, sorry but you are.
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    Yeah comming back to this thread now OB wasn't that bad.
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    I still have a lot anxiety about my OB clinical this summer. Really not looking forward to it just want it to be over with. Its weird because its not something I thought about going into Nursing school and definitely NOT something I would ever consider specializing in but guess just have to somehow survive it to go to next year and closer to graduating
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    Quote from canadiandude
    I still have a lot anxiety about my OB clinical this summer. Really not looking forward to it just want it to be over with. Its weird because its not something I thought about going into Nursing school and definitely NOT something I would ever consider specializing in but guess just have to somehow survive it to go to next year and closer to graduating
    The OB unit where I did my clinical was not exactly the most pleasant unit to learn in. Nurses there had issues. Anyway, I had another male nursing student in my clinical group, that made it a tad more bearable, especially when they had paired us up in everything we did: mother/baby, L&D, and nursery/NICU. That kind of presence made the estrogenic experience all that more bearable. I also had a most awesome clinical instructor, so that helped too. But in your case, if you can find another male student to join your group, that might assuage your anxiety a bit.
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    Quote from puravidaLV
    first you really want to do maternity? Females flock to that job for a reason, ya you missed on an experience, but go to and enjoy the wonders of life that way. As the only guy in my clinical in my ped's rotation I just got teenagers, which worked out since the floor was dead and someone donated an xbox 360 to the floor. Yes, I spent my entire ped's clinical playing xbox for 12 hours. The girls took care of the babies but other than changing diapers they did nothing else. 80% of the floor was discharged by noon and in the end I was the only one left with something to do.
    Win. May even add in epic. God job brother.