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Med surge, ob,pediatrics,GYN,dialysis,ER
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MMAnurse has 9 years experience and specializes in Med surge, ob,pediatrics,GYN,dialysis,ER.

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  1. MMAnurse

    Training for a new job and NO PAY???

    Soooo what ever happened here..... S. Roschel, RN
  2. MMAnurse

    New to TX. Houston area

    Hey there... Im moving to Houston this upcoming Saturday for a travel dialysis job... Possible option to stay permanent. I dont know anyone there...anyone in the Houston area in the nursing field/medical field throw me a message :)
  3. MMAnurse

    Nurses Being Made to Tech?

    I can tech as well as i nurse. Lead by example:)
  4. MMAnurse

    What should EVERY nurse know about Dialysis

    Try being on the receiving end of patients that bash you for trying to help them be autonomous with their disease. This practice spoke of above does not happen in every center...I assure you.
  5. MMAnurse

    Ended NCLEX RN With 92 Questions. Good or Bad??

    Try and register again... If it lets you... You didnt pass. If it doesnt... You passed. Its worked for everyone including myself ive mentioned it too
  6. MMAnurse

    Helpful links for nurses and dialysis patients

    Try this for dialysis nurses and PCTs: Fistulafirst.com
  7. MMAnurse

    Is turning the utrafiltration off ok?

    Tha k you so much for that explanation Chisca. I had no idea some solutes were still removed with UF off:)
  8. MMAnurse

    Is turning the utrafiltration off ok?

    Within my company which is a large, worldwide company (no names mentioned) the UF is never turned off, with a lowest being a 300 UF. Unless if course the pt is on a PUFF tx.
  9. Some advice from an LpN for 6 years turned RN, lots if things will bother you in the field. Focus on your behavior and business, no one else's. Attrition will take care of the rest Most of us still want to save the world one person at a time. Take all that time and energy, focus in you, and stay out of gossip. Mouth closed, eArs open. I mean this sincerely and with due respect.
  10. MMAnurse

    The Top 10 Things I Loved About Nursing

    Epic. Thank you so much for this positive contribution:)
  11. MMAnurse

    Late patients

  12. MMAnurse

    "Seasoned Nurses will eat their young"

    In fairness, you went to school nearly 15 years ago:). I will say that i love being a nurse, however the diverse personalities, drama, and passive aggressiveness by people who are always battling for who knows more clearly is getting old. I have seen the aggressiveness from new nurses as well as older. It knew no age or experience level...i feel they should manage their stress, or kindly go sell shoes:)
  13. MMAnurse

    FIU interview...Any advice??

    Im from Miami originally. In Alaska now. Grew up near FIU and Coral Way!!
  14. MMAnurse

    Davita people

    Fresenius scrubs run big:). At least for us dudes:)
  15. MMAnurse

    Late patients

    Consistancy with cutting or not cutting time is important as well. Geography of the clinic is important too. Our clinic culture over time is one that the patients know we are the only hemodialysis unit within 380 miles, so we have to deal with it...we had them sign contracts/promise to be on time, however it doesn't last for long. My suggestion? Be consistent and everyone at the facility be on the same page: if your going to cut it for one, cut it for everyone...when there labs look horrible and out of goal, good documentation with attempts to reeducate are very important from a moral and legal standpoint:)
  16. MMAnurse

    New Grad RN with 7 years LPn experience...question

    Well noted. I clean chairs and take patients off. Apparently well before i got their it was a "free for all" and lacked sound and consistent management. We are about to have yet another shift and another clinic manager, although this one comes from within...thank you for the reminder on things I already knew and practice, but needed a reminder on.