Any males out there tired of the drama? - page 8

Anyone out there get real tired about the constant drama, anxiety, and non stop worrying exerted by your female classmates? To me, it seems like the majority of them have nothing to talk about other than nursing school, tests,... Read More

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    God don't tell me the guy nurses are gonna come around with that sexist ******** in a "woman's" field and try to take over that too haha. man i'm so excited about was definately a better idea. some girls dont like drama either...and i know more guy drama queens than girls. Guess i just won't talk to the guys in my class when i start! unless we're getting drunk and making bad decisions outside of school...haha uh oh bring on the *DRAMA*

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    oh and that was ******** i didnt realize they'd ***that out.
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    Quote from ksRgonnabN19
    unless we're getting drunk and making bad decisions outside of school...haha uh oh bring on the *DRAMA*
    Easiest way to get kicked out of the program. :P
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    really? you can get kicked out of the program for having a personal life?
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    Quote from ksRgonnabN19
    really? you can get kicked out of the program for having a personal life?
    If what you do in that personal life reflects poorly in any way on the nursing program, or causes it's reputation or credibility to be publicly harmed significantly, yes.

    This is actually the policy of most workplaces too, not just schools or nursing programs. If you want to go out and get drunk, or make bad decisions, just don't post them on MySpace, Facebook, or YouTube. IOW, keep your private life private - that's what I try to do......
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    "They are attracted to the profession because they like the idea of people DEPENDING on the same token they depend on their patients or wards to feel good ..."

    Truer words were never spoken. Not that this applies to the majority of nurses or even the majority of women in nursing. But there is a significant proportion that want to star in their own private soap opera and I try to steer clear of them. There's one poster on this thread (a woman, I believe) whose tag line is "The person claiming to despise drama has the biggest spoon in the pot." Amen to that.

    I should 'fess up': I, too, like having people depend on me, as long as I'm capable of delivering what they need. I don't think this quite counts as a pathology although it can slip into it. It does gives my life some significance to affect people's well-being in a material and immediate way, whether it's my wife, my kids or my patients. I'm just wired that way, so I might as well make a career out of it.

    Actually, one of the things I enjoy most about the environment is that female nurses tend to be kind of "men's women" - i.e. they stick to the facts and deal with the situation at hand. Plus they dig weird stuff, like interesting wounds, etc.; that type of gal-pal is a lot of fun to be around.
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    <sigh> i think everyone is tired of the drama, i know i am, and i don't even have a penis
    but is your complaint about the drama, or the female reaction to it?
    and since i'm going to girl you with my girl talk, surely you must know your comment will just stir up a lot of *drama*?

    yes, med/surg nursing is a henfest, and "as above, so below," so is nursing school. unless you're going into the testosteroni departments, you will ever be up to your eyeballs in it, (which is why i am gunning hard for the OR). BUT -no matter where you work- the politics driving the unit you work on will, at the very least, be heavily influenced by a feminine mindset, since the majority of nurses are still women, and thus your company's policies toward the nursing staff as a whole will be colored by that. so if you can't take it now... consider your choices carefully. if the things that attract you to nursing don't outweigh this career-long drawback, you may be wasting your time.

    nursing school is very dramatic for me, but i have a lot riding on this, and i don't enjoy gambling. also, in my particular school, they are having a big problem with the whole program's organization and communication. no doubt it is related to staffing, which is related to funding, but it ****** people off when you find out expectations/requirements/schedules have changed, and without notice.

    however, if you want to avoid *drama*, IMO the biggest culprit is age. the squeal factor is very high for those under 30, OMG!
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    Hey man I feel you on this one, just finished my first semster in nursing and let me tell you how stressful the people are in class. They stressed over every point they missed and when they finished there test they discussed it outside of class. All they thought about was there grades they didn't care about anything else. overall there were some cool people who can relate to me and would talk about other things than school that made things a little easier. nursing school is not that hard, if you put in the time and effort to study you will get the grade you deserve simple as that.
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    Ah, yes Females. Old saying Can't live with them you can't live without them. I hate to tell you this brother but you will get the same drama when you are out too. example guys talking:
    1st guy What time is it?
    2d guy It's 2 PM.
    1st guy thanks
    Now me and my wife of 40 years:
    Me What time is it?
    My Wife: Why do have somewhere to go you are not telling me. That's It YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! YOU ARE HAVING AN AFFAIR!
    There you have it my friend. This is why bars were invented. You will get the female behavior at work and, if you get married at home. And the female members on this board will call me sexist. Marriage - Benny Hill said it best when he said "Why buy a book when there is a lending library in the town."
    I could tell you more but my wife just came into the room. Just checkout the Nunnery scene from Hamlet Starting with You List, You amble.... If you try to understand the female mind, you will end up like me rocking in a corner.
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    eight pages of drama right here. Suck it up, men.
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