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Hi there! I applied for the ABSN program beginning next summer at USM; did anyone else? Is there anyone out there who is currently enrolled in the program? Are you enjoying it? I'm so curious to hear anything and... Read More

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    For those of you currently in the program or recent grads - what have you experienced about getting that first RN job? I keep hearing that hospitals don't want to hire RN's with less than a year experience. Is this reality? Is it easier to get a position in the hospitals you've done your clinicals in? Are there cities/states that have greater need? I'm currently weighing if the cost of the Accelerated Programs are going to be worth it if there are no jobs out there. Any advice is appreciated!

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    I've been accepted to USM and VCU - waiting to hear fro OHSU, but think that one will be a long shot. I'm not sure how to go about deciding between USM and VCU -- anyone have advice?
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    I am a nurse and have several friends that have gone the ABSN route. The successful applicants commonly had work experience beyond student clinicals. It can be tough to stand out when you are one of a group of 4 or 5 students on a unit with a limited assignment. However, ABSN programs often include a clinical intensive, full time for 6 -8 weeks or more and sometimes that can lead to a job offer. New grad RNs with ongoing or previous experience as a CNA or other clinical role sometimes gain a "foot in door" that turns into an RN job offer. Google the HR departments of different hospitals and you will see that most want a year of RN experience. Search on this website for finding that first job.
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    Hi greygooseuria,

    Do you have any thoughts on the ABSN program versus the MSN-Options program, in terms of the level of education and the caliber of students they turn out?


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