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Hi there! I applied for the ABSN program beginning next summer at USM; did anyone else? Is there anyone out there who is currently enrolled in the program? Are you enjoying it? I'm so curious to hear anything and... Read More

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    Just received a letter from USM and unfortunately I did not get in. I have a bachelor's of science from Penn State with a 3.48 gpa and 3+ years of experience as an EMT. I called admissions today and was told that although my application was strong, they did not accept anyone into the program with a gpa under 3.7. Still waiting to here from Mass General and Stony Brook but I thought my best shot was at USM.

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    Wow! They didn't accept anyone below a 3.7? That's crazy.

    I think you sound like a strong candidate so good luck with the other schools! I have applied to MGH as well. I recently met a girl at a CPR course who is starting there in January. Her GPA was below a 3.6 so perhaps they're more lenient with GPA and look more at the whole package.
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    tinatac.. I received your message. Just trying to figure out how to message you back! If you want, send me a message with your name I'll find you on facebook
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    I too did not get in, but I already knew I wasn`t going to get in. The admission lady pretty much told before I applied. Its ok though. Without sounding bitter, which I am not, but their admission requirments arent fair to most canidates in my opinion. They ONLY look at your undergrad GPA and NOT your prereq GPA. I am sure like most people on here that are going for the ABSN they took their prereqs post Bac. So if you had a 3.0 in your undergrad as I did in psychology, but a 3.8 in your post bacc prereqs (A&P, Stats, Micro, Human growth) they do not take that into condiseration. I remember reading about a person who got into the program with like a 3.5 and only had Stats done by the application deadline. Granted a 3.5 is nothing to scoff at in your undergrad but does that sound fair? All grades should be considered. A 3.85 in classes such as the above mentioned is a little more telling than say a 3.5 in say communications?

    I know these programs are competitive as they SHOULD BE, but USM needs to a more well rounded job in requirments. Maybe ask for letters of rec. or interviews. But anyways heres to the next schools!

    Congrats to those who made it!!!! Good luck! Make us proud
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    I didn't get in either. Congratulations to everyone who did!
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    I got my letter yesterday(12/7)... And I'm in! I'm really sorry to those who didn't get a favorable response. Good luck with your other applications. To those who were asking about admissions specifics: 3.82 gpa ten yrs ago, lots of real world exp. virtually none of it in health care, good solid essay, A's in A&P 1, Stat's, and Lifespan at time of app & finishing A&P 2 now. Looking forward to hearing from others also accepted for summer 2012! Good luck.
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    Sorry to those that didn't get in. I did the program May '08-Aug '09 (god seems so long ago now) and there were over 250 applications for our class of like 21 students. It's hard to get in, and all of us that have graduated have gone on to certifications, etc. so they have high standards for admissions because they want to produce the best nurses possible (which they do).

    I'm in their NP program now and hopefully I'll be a clinical instructor some semester, so you may have me as an instructor! It's a great program. I worked as a CNA a couple months before I started and during nursing school which I would advise everyone to do. It is really good experience and you can build bedside skills and time management skills. The program isn't too bad; I remember hating some parts while doing it and feeling overwhelmed but now that I'm in grad school and working as an RN (and working 50+ hours a week) I really don't think it was that bad. Just do the readings, take notes, and reread chapters after the class to cement it in your brain.
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    greygooseuria -

    thanks for the feedback on the program! I like to hear thoughts from those who have already completed the program.
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    denied....but at least i have an interview with UCSF, life isn't all that bad....I guess Maine isn't for me!
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    I got accepted, and am really excited to get started! It's going to be a long wait until May...

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