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  1. 0 My husband and I are wanting to go back to Maine. Right now we are in my home state of Ohio. He is originally from Garland. I am an RN with one year psychiatric and 2 yrs med-surg. I prefer psychiatric. How is the job market for psych RN's in Maine? Certain facilities I should be looking at? His preference is to live be more above the "Volvo Line" but that might not be a possibility. Also, how "hardcore" are the hospitals and facilities are about having you BSN? I have my ADN and don't see myself ever in a supervisory position.
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    There are two psych hospitals - Riverview in Augusta (I think) and Acadia in Bangor. There are several other hospitals that have psych units - Biddeford, St Mary's, Fort Kent, etc. I just completed my BSN but I have never had an issue finding a job. Good luck to you!
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    There is also spring harbor in Westbrook, near Portland.
    I cannot tell you much about it, but I did have some clinical s there and it seemed like a decent place. They do have a pediatric psych floor.
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    You would have more luck getting hired as a AND RN the more north you are. The Portland area hospitals generally will only hire BSN RN's. I think EMMC hires ADN RN's but not MMC.

    There are also choices regarding type of facility. Do you want to be a psych nurse in a psych hospital or a psych nurse on a psych/medical floor in the general hospital?

    Good Luck!
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    The largest private psych hospital in Maine is at St. Mary's in Lewiston. It's a unit of the larger hospital, but it's around 88 beds plus a psychiatric ED. They hire ADNs.

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