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    Being a few days out from this I think I have a better understanding of what happened here now. Last week I asked one of my supervisors and 2 of the providers for references as I was seeking new employment. I think my DON (who started over the summer and hasn't liked me since I refused a mandate to pull a 16 hour shift due to a medical condition) caught wind of my job seeking. What happened on Friday really wasn't anything. I have spoken to several nurses about it and they were surprised that it was even brought up for questioning let alone, write up/termination. I hadn't thought about Friday's event since I finished my note about it on Friday. Usually if it is something, you might think about it. The only reason I would want to do anything is to protect my reputation, not my job, I have no interest in taking it back. However, I'm not even sure that my reputation is going to be damaged by this that much anyway, I have seen some fabulous nurses fired from this facility and the turnover rate is out of this world. I guess it would just be better to leave it behind me.
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    I wasn't called in to review my file. I went in to see it for myself so I could understand it. I had a meeting arranged for Wednesday and they decided to meet with me yesterday because I was there. I don't want to give details on what happened Friday, but I can honestly say that I don't believe I did anything wrong, and if it happened again I would do the same thing.
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    Wow, this is very hard to take in. I was just fired for something that I didn't even know I did wrong. I used my nursing judgement in Friday when a patient did something and I wrote a note about it. I even checked with 2 other nurses (sitting at the desk with me) to make sure a general note was adequate not an "expanded note" and they said that's all they would do too. In any case it's the "termination process" that's killing me here. I was advised by a supervisor over the weekend to check in with someone from administration to review my "file" on Monday. Monday morning I get a phone call from another supervisor about Fridays incident, I explained in full detail. On my way in on Monday I get another phone call about Fridays "incident," I explain in full detail, said that it's all in my note and asked if I had anything to worry about. We arranged to meet Wednesday. I told her I was on my way in then anyway, she said not necessary. I went in to review my file. My DON saw me, glared and went into her office. I went to see an administraitor I had a good connection with and told her that I wanted to sit down with her and review my file in private. We ran around for 10 minutes until I was told that the DON was ready to see me. I said that I wasn't here to see her and we were meeting Wednesday. Didn't seem to matter. I went in. DON at her desk. Supervisor who called me at a table taking notes. They told me that I was suspended and I wasnt supposed to be there. Nobody had told me I was suspended before this. We had only aggreed to meet on Wednesday. They asked me to explain Fridays events where I did nothing wrong. I explained. I was criticized. I defended. They yelled. I started sweating, shaking and told theme that I had only come in to see my file. I left the office. I was pulled into HR. They showed me my file. HR went to see my DON. The administrator I "trusted" came in to see me. I tried talking to her about my write ups to understand them because I didn't and then she started asking me about my wedding, insisting we lighten the mood and talk about that instead. HR returned and said I needed to go back to the DON's office. DON, Suservisor, HR and me. I was told that I broke policy. I asked what one and if I could see it, they said no. I asked HR to advocate for me, she said that she has to advocate for everyone in the room, including the DON and Supervisor. I was handed a paper that said I was terminated. I told them I did what I was trained to do, they need to re-educate the people who trained me. They said this isn't about them, this is about you. I got up and walked out. HR followed my yelling "I'm going to need your badge!" I tried to step into an office she said " you can't go in there!" Then "don't forget to bring back your badge!" I don't know I'm mixed up. I was looking for other employment and I'm about 90% sure I have another job. But this termination process seems very weird. I have felt like my head had been on a chopping block for weeks and I think they were looking for anything to kick me out. Should I do anything about this? If so, what?