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  1. All right. I finally made the decision to move to Bangor, ME. I have started looking at housing and jobs and already priced the shipping of my household goods. So things are in progress. I was wondering what it is like to work and live in Bangor. Is it pet friendly and are there any dog parks and what is to do in the area?
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  3. by   FinallyMine
    I'm sorry no one has answered your post. I am in Maine but in the south. I am not familiar with Bangor other than how to get there!

    I can say that Maine in general tends to be dog friendly. Bangor is about 2.5 hours north of Portland which is the largest city in Maine (large is a relative term). There are many places to go hiking, on day trips, or just be in the great outdoors.

    I hope you enjoy your move to Maine, will you get here in time to see the fall foliage?
  4. by   jessdixie81
    I used to live in Bangor and the surrounding for most of my life, the pay is bad, there may be an affordable place to live, but expect drunk and drugged out neighbors. I have lived in many areas of Maine, and have to say, Bangor is one of the most scummy Towns, i have encountered. I worked at the mental hospital for two years, and have seen the worst. Since I moved to Southern Maine, to better my children's lives, Bangor has turned into a heaven for new drugs and users. In my opinion if Lewiston is the armpit of Maine then Bangor is the Anus.
  5. by   TCrozierRN
    I too am wanting to make the move to maine i was born in limestone havent been here since i was a baby, when i move will be this summer and will have a year of LTC/sub acute rehab experience. IF Bangor is so bad where else is a good place to move where i still get scenery and job all in one?
  6. by   kaufer01
    I moved to Maine a little over a year ago from Wisconsin. I live in the Midcoast and the people and community out here is great. It's a lot smaller town that living in Bangor so that was a lot to get used to. I can't really speak to what Bangor is like, I don't really make it up that way much, I usually go to Augusta or Portland when I'm heading to one of the bigger cities. Sorry I can't really be of more help.
  7. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    Bangor has a huge mall/shopping area available that the further out areas will drive hours to willingly. Also, it's got a "small town" feel but is close enough to Portland to shake that off if you need to at times. Get used to Tourist Season and things shutting down between seasons.

    People in Maine have a great sense of humor about their "country-fied" ways. In fact, they can be pretty proud of it. That doesn't mean that they don't have to have iPads, etc, though! Further north it's hard to guarantee cell phone towers/internet though, but Bangor is definitely wired. So are the college towns nearby.

    I loved living in Maine, but I'm the outdoors kind.
  8. by   Maine sucks
    Why does the state of Maine suck so bad?

    And why do people that live in Maine think it's so great when it sucks


    Best Answer: It depends on what part you live in. Some parts are great some suck. They had a horrible Governor Baldacci who almost bankrupted
    the state the one they got now is a good man but he is too overwhelmed with the job. Maine isn't what it use to be.

    I've lived in 8 states and 5 countries and while Maine can be nice, it has a lot of shortfalls. Maine people are very strange and suspicious. They will stare and glare at anyone they don't know. They also distrust anyone that they have not known since birth but consider that a blessing as I like being an unknown(it's much more difficult to be a local when you have several friends and family members around you.) This has been my personal experience. Maine is an inbred state not in the physical sense but in the way that if you're not local they don't accept you. Again, I've lived in Many other places and Maine is the most strange.

    Maine sucks because you can't make a living there. If you're not shopping or vacationing in a cabin from your office job, Maine is a depressing place. I never found the people rude - they're BORING. They have nothing to do, no money to see the world unless they have a decent job and then what do they do? Get a large trailer and go to Alaska -- ANOTHER place just like Maine. Maine has stupid laws like only allowing one case of Canadian Beer per vehicle into the State. They made the law because people weren't buying beer in Maine. Gee, they weren't because the beer you can get in Maine sucks and you wouldn't buy it anyway. The Summer is short, too many old people and the only activity at night after dinner is playing Yatzhee. The farther you go from the tourist areas, the place is just a bunch of garage drunks. Don't send your kids there, save your money and go someplace else and if you have this delusion of retiring to Maine because you got a brochure of people playing golf, FORGET IT. The bugs will suck out all your blood and carry you away. Been there, have family there, vacationed there, visited there, been in every corner of the State from Farmington, Mexico, China to Van Buren.......... MAINE SUCKS

    I've lived here most my life, but have lived in a lot of other states a bit too. Maine sucks if u still need to work. Maine sucks if ur not able to enjoy winter sports. Maine's roads really suck. Don't expect your cars to last very long. Hunting and fishing here now sucks because of bad forest practice. Healthcare sucks here. Hell.....Most everything here sucks. It's just a vacation land for other to come spend their money....Then Maine says.....Get the **** OUT!!!

    Maine has problems for sure. I lived there for over 50 years. It is a dead end for the east coast. There is little change.

    • 2. It once was a resource based economy, lumber, paper, potatoe farming, fishing. Foreign compitition, unions, and enviromentalist pretty much killed most central and northern Maine economies. Maine is not sure if it wants to be a park or a modern day version of its' past.
      3. It has a governor that is rude, crude and gives Maine a bad name. LaPage.
      4. The weather is depressing. Even months that are not cold are grey and rainy. July and August are nice.

      Maine is a cold dark dirty wet sh1th0le out in the middle of hundreds of miles of woods - and by Maine I am talking about Portland, the largest city. The rest of Maine is pretty much just woods - pine trees to be specific.
    • I am from Maine and forever, atleast since highschool have determined to get the F out. there are maybe 2 jobs (unless you count minimum wage), people are rude and crude and like others have said - dis-trustful. they are very insultive, and like to get personal with you - immediately, then rip you off somehow, or insult you. their favorite response to being called out that they are insulting, either by their buddies or whatever is - "well I just speak the truth".
      anyways, in Portland, it is very dirty - a lot of dirt all over the place. tons of spit on the sidewalks, trashy, bummy people, crazy people, a lot of homeless people asking you for change on the street - I mean some people really dress like sh1t lie they rolled out of a dumpster. I actually have seen on quite a few occassions people cross the street in front of traffic then yell "f6ck you" to the driver, people scream walking on the sidewalks, stuff like that. not very frequent but maybe a several times a year you will witness this behavior. I saw a girl huc a huge spit right off the sidewalk railing at a stripmall into the parking lot - right out in public! TONS of "white trash" types.
      Also, it's a very small town (portland) and in fact it;s really the only town until you get to Boston. Go to other towns like Lewiston or Augusta, and you can walk down the entire main street and not see more than 2 people.
      Not everyone is like these stereotypes, but it is very frequent. People here can be "in your face" and that does not mean friendly. People think they own their streets and things like that - which means you are not allowed to park on them. Lakes are all privately owned all around them, parks require a payment. etc. I think this is typical New England.
      Point is - nice place to visit for example in the middle of winter to experience very cold and lots of snow weather, but no place to live. Visit for 2 weeks and it's cool, and will seem like everyone is a lumberjack or something. live here and your brain will hurt because of lack of stimulation and you will soon fall into the same mental state of all the other miserable Mainers.

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      Maine is the worst state in the nation. The people are inbred, strange, ignorant, filthy, dirty, smelly scum! I will never go back to that state. there is no money at all! everybody lives in poverty and yet they still think that it's so wonderful! nobody has an education, and nobody wants one either!

    • Don't blame it on the governor, don't blame it on the location, don't blame it on the government! Maine sucks, it will always suck and it has always sucked! I hope the the government just casts maine off to the side, and replaces it with Puerto rico...

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