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  1. bizzymum2

    Moving to Bangor

    All right. I finally made the decision to move to Bangor, ME. I have started looking at housing and jobs and already priced the shipping of my household goods. So things are in progress. I was wondering what it is like to work and live in Bangor. Is it pet friendly and are there any dog parks and what is to do in the area?
  2. bizzymum2

    Nursing in Bangor vs Portland

    I am actually looking for long term care facilities, or homehealth jobs. So that would be fine.
  3. bizzymum2

    Nursing in Bangor vs Portland

    What is the job market like for LPNs in Bangor, or Portland, Maine ?
  4. I am in the same boat. I was also offered a great position with Gentiva in the Seattle area and I plan to move from Nova Scotia to Washington in October. I think the best thing is to see for oneself. I work at a place where people are complaining left right and centre about the conditions of the facility, but I find it not as bad as many other places I have worked before. Gentiva is HUGE and each office can vary. I wonder if the bad reviews are in a particular area, or office? That can make a difference.
  5. I am a US citizen that is working in rural Nova Scotia and ready to return back to the US and civilization. I had an over the phone interview with Gentiva and it went very well however I am unable to move to the area until October due to funds and new grand-baby. I was told that they have 7 new offices opening up and there would be no problem of me getting a full time position when I arrive. I am a LPN and I was wondering that IF there is not available position with Gentiva and I need to look elsewhere, what is the likelihood of me finding a LPN job? I lived in Seattle back in the 90's and LOVED it and can't wait to return to that area. Any advice with be greatly appreciated.
  6. bizzymum2

    Nursing Schools in Nova Scotia

    Thank you all so much for the information. I would go to another province, but my fiance' lives in NS and I have already completed all the paperwork for my Nova Scotia LPN license, so I am committed to completing everything there. Again, thanks.
  7. bizzymum2

    Nursing Schools in Nova Scotia

    I noticed that there are only 3 nursing schools in Nova Scotia; Dalhousie, St. Frances Xavier and Cape Breton University. I have been an LPN for 7 yrs and also have a BA degree in Political Science. I was looking at going on a student visa and completing my BScN in Nova Scotia since that is my objective in the long run. The LPN career in the states is hitting a dead end and the hospitals are driving us all to long term facilities and SNFs. Does anyone have any experience with any of these universities and can recommend one of the programmes? Thanks.
  8. bizzymum2

    Shannex and Northwood

    I am a LPN living in the states hoping to move to Nova Scotia summer 2011. I have looked at the facilities and met with the admin of Shannex and Northwood and wondering how likely they are to assist with hiring of internationally trained nurses and obtaining a LMO for a work visa. Also, if anyone has had any experience working with them. I was quite impressed with the size and condition of their facilities. Thanks.
  9. bizzymum2

    Excelsior and Texas

    I also live in Texas and unfortunately there are not enough bridge programmes for LVN-RN. Many agencies are not able to place LVNs in hospital settings and it is getting more and more limited to where an LVN can practice despite all the experience. Therefore Excelsior College is the only alternative to going to school and working. A lot of us do not have the luxury to quit working and going to school full time and the demand is WAY more than the supply. I was encouraged by my managers at the hosptials I work at to go through EC to complete my ASN because of my clinical experience. I already have a BA in political science and wanted to go through an accelerated BSN programme at a local university, but due to funding, it was scrapped. There seems to be so many road blocks here in Texas which can be so discouraging. I only need a couple prereqs and then it is off to the main nursing courses. The facility I work at has A LOT of nurses doing EC so there is a lot of support. I hope that TX does grandfather the nurses already enrolled and lets us take the boards,but if we all can't do it here, a lot of us will relocated to other areas of the country that are not so limiting and then TX will be in crisis mode by their own doing.