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I'm new to a large SNF with 3 units. All nurses are excepted to float all units ("so nobody gets in a rut", but really it feels like nobody is able to get into a time efficient groove because of this). We work 8.5 hour shifts. ... Read More

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    Nascar, this sounds great. I like your "Praise in public" theory. We hardly ever hear praise, and I have seen nurses crying while they were being lectured in front of others. 2-3 nurses/aides are being let go almost every month. I am a nurse and I have 23 years at my facility and I am worried that it is my turn. I am not perfect, but I do listen and I do the best I can and I know I am a good nurse. I have seen so many others let go that I can not even keep track of them.
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    It was my experience that most all SNFs operate this way; hence the reason I left. Repeated call-ins feed the negative cycle of working short shift to shift. Bonuses, public praise are great ideas to help establish a positive environment.

    The sad truth is that SNFs are businesses and money is the main concern so insufficient staff and low pay are a norm. Until those two factors are changed, the negative atmosphere(for flavors thereof) will prevail.

    I worked in many places where, when CNAs called in, the nurses were also responsible for a patient or two in addition to the nurse's own duties. Then when the nurse's duties weren't completed in 8 hours and that nurse had to stay over, the DON chided him/her for the OT and the nurse was told to clock out at the end of the normal workday and finish the work unpaid. That was asinine but..who wanted to argue? Who wanted to risk getting fired? Many of those places have employees over a barrel...and have for quite awhile now in this poor economy.

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