Rn's are better than lpn's???

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    I always worked in acute care until 6 months ago when I got a job at a LTC facility which is where I always wanted to be. I have my RN BSN MS and worked VERY hard for all my degrees. Do I feel I'm better than anyone else? No way! Do others make rotten comments about my being an RN? Oh yeah! Just today, an LPN, who has a great position, cut down one of the RNs and said "he's an RN! Yeah right, he's no REAL NURSE!" and looked at me.

    I lead a life where I'm nice to everyone from the janitor to the top dogs! I really don't believe anyone is better than another. I'm sick of having rotten comments made though and really don't know how to handle it. It makes me wonder if my desire to learn the LTC area is a mistake. Is this the norm or am I just working at the wrong LTC facility? Thx.
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    I find when people talk like that, they are telling more about themselves than about the others who they denigrate. As a supervisor I would pull that nurse aside and tell her that such comments are inappropriate, if she has something concrete and objective to discuss, I am all ears, but such statements kill the work morale and it is important we work together hand in hand.
    Try to remember that LPN's work hard and for less salary so they feel a chip on their shoulder.
    Truth is I know many an LPN who function better than some RN's but that doesn't justify negative remarks like those you quoted.
    Like the rest of us, you will learn to rise above these things!
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    usually when someone speaks like that, they have their own insecurities.
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    This is the norm. You have RN's that think they are better than everyone, and you have LPN/LVN's who think they are better than others. You have LVN/LPN's who are better nurses than RN's and vice versa. People need to get real and do what you went to school for. A nurse is a NURSE is a NURSE for crying out loud. Stick together and start sticking up for our profession and each other, not the letters behind our names.
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    We will certainly be a lot better off as a profession for doing that, we should be competing over accomplishments and not who is better than whom.
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    I went back for education with the hope of being able to take better care of my patients. I really never thought I would have other nurses making comments like I've experienced. Anyone can go back to school; some are too lazy I guess, but those are the ones making the comments. In one ear and out the other I guess! Thx all!
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    I was an LPN for 17 years and then went back for my RN. I still feel the same, there are more LPNs that I would want to take care of me or my family then RNs. Many times it is the experience that makes the nurse, the bedside manner, and how they deal with those difficult residents and families. The other thing is how the nurse uses her education, and what he or she does when their out of school, nursing is ever changing and so the nurse has to be active in learning and trying new things--the old ways may not be the best, example, culture change.
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    While I think there are LPNs who can be better nurses than RNs, the fact that anyone would make rude comments about a degree someone has earned is ridiculous. While working in a hospital, there was an LPN who constantly made rude comments about the RNs and what she "couldn't" do because she didn't have her RN. I finally told her if it bothered her that much, she needed to go back to school. I guess the focus here has become not that there are LPNs who are better than RNs but that so many nurses are sooooo unsupportive of one another.
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    I wouldn't say "better" than. I have experienced the same ungracious comments from insecure LPNs. It's not in my character to pay them back with comments in kind. Remember, the difference between LPN and RN is simply 6 more classes and 2 more semesters and limited clinical seats are given to highest GPA first. Very competative. The state exam is not the same for both. That's the way it used to be any way.
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    Having been both an LPN and an RN, I dont let those comments bother me. There will always be someone who resents an authority figure over them. I have walked in those LPN shoes, so the griping is moot.
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