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  1. lisa41rn

    Cm is a thankless job!

    I don't know what it is, but for the last few weeks I have busted my butt for a very financial needy patient or two and have had that very patient be completely unappreciative for what I've done. I guess I should be happy it tends to be only a patient or two a week and the majority don't seem to care about what what I've done or if I'm lucky I do get some appreciation from a family or two. I had a patient needing IV antibiotics and didn't have much money to cover the deductible amount. I begged the hospital to help him with the bill and they ended up paying $300.00 or 1/2 of his bill. The thanks I got? He told me "no one does xxx anything around here!" I couldn't believe how he dropped the f-bomb when I worked so hard for him. I felt like telling him I don't get paid enough to be spoken like that. Instead I brushed it off that his anxiety was getting the best of him, but know one has the right to be rude to us! Today I had a lady dc'ed who needed a SNF. I called her sister-in-law yesterday to let her know the pt was offered a bed and that she would be leaving the today. Well her brother stopped by the hospital at d/c and is clearly angry that she is leaving in a johnny (fully covered in blankets) by the ambulance company and he was to bring clothes to the SNF and meet her over there. He had no bags in his hands when he stopped by the hospital with clothes had he wanted her to change before leaving. I guess what I wouldn't give this a second thought but this brother is deaf. The pt was at her baseline and lives alone. Although the brother was the DPOA it was never activated. I guess I feel bad as had he come in earlier I would have gotten an interpreter even though the pt was capable of communicating with him and it wasn't medically necessary to do so. By the time I realized the brother was upset she was already in a w/c van being transported to the SNF. We didn't even expect the brother to be at the hospital at the time of transfer. Ugh! I find healthcare so exhausting. It really is a thankless job. I hate worrying about things (ie this deaf brother - should I have gotten an interpreter although I know he came in as the pt was being transferred and his wife was told the previous day about it?!) My husband says I don't get paid enough to worry as he knows I'm very detailed and thorough, but healthcare is tough and we're all overbusy at times. How do some of you shut off your jobs when you walk out the door at work?! Does everyone worry about this sue-happy society we live in?
  2. lisa41rn

    What do SNF Case Managers Do?

    I found a job which sounds interesting and I meet all the qualifications, but it is for a SNF CM and I thought SNF CMs were usually involved in MDS, but this job does not state anything about MDS. Any idea? Obviously I'll need to go for the interview to get all the details, but was hoping someone might be able to give me an idea. Thx.
  3. lisa41rn

    MDS courses through AANAC

    Hey Christy: So how are things going? Did you take some online courses? I totally get your frustration in a previous response. You ask one question and for some reason this site has a tendency to have responders answering about things you didn't even ask about!! (ie - they wouldn't hire you if you had no LTC experience! OMG!) Personally I prefer to be more supportive. Anyway, I've typically worked in hospitals, but went to a SNF for awhile and it was quite an experience. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work at a hospital or at a SNF - just dedication with whatever you end up doing. Anyway, hope you found the courses helped. I am a case mgr at a hospital, but was really thinking about taking some of those 3.0 courses and make a switch. I want more flexibility than I have now and one nearby SNF has an opening. Will see what happens. Good luck to you!
  4. lisa41rn

    Medicare Observation vs Inpatient

    I'm not sure where you live, but in the Northeast the RACs are here and auditing records. Yeah, it's not pretty! My hospital uses the McKesson Interqual software which I believe helps to meet critieria for inpatient and observation, but I've seen some CMs really force patients to meet and I don't think that's going to work when the RACs review the records. Another local hospital just build an $85 million urgent care/surgi center, etc building and they push to get every dime they can. I worked for them a short time and felt they pushed things so much it wasn't right. I'm sure they'll be paying back millions after the RAC reviews their records. I've really loved CM, but there have been so many changes that I feel like some patients are really needing to leave because if they don't, the hospital will lose and Medicare won't pay. With all the changes going on, I do believe there will be some hospitals closing.
  5. lisa41rn

    Medicare Observation vs Inpatient

    Can anyone tell me if a patient is admitted Observation in a hospital, is it paid 100% or does the patient pay a portion? I believe much of it, if not all, is paid under Medicare part B if they are observation and part A if they are inpatient. I ask because my boss just said we should be telling the patients they are required to pay 20% of the stay if they are observation. I never heard this. I realize there is a big issue with their needing to bring in their meds from home and the 3 night stay for SNF rule. Thx
  6. lisa41rn


    Has anyone taken the CCM exam recently? I plan to take it in December, but feel lost when studying. I have a study guide, but are all the questions on the exam shorter questions or are there case studies? Is there a specific guide to go by that is a big help? I don't have any prep classes in my area to attend prior to taking the exam. I just keep reviewing question after question, but feel lost. I have the experience needed to take the exam, but I'm not someone with 20 years experience like some taking the exam. Any advice?? Thanks!
  7. lisa41rn

    CCM Test Guides

    I'm planning on taking the exam for CCM in December, but wonder what some of you think of Case Management Exam Test Prep Review CCM. Has anyone used just that website and passed? I can't find a prep class to take in my area, so I'm trying to study online. Of course, they all claim to be the perfect online study site. I like taking tests online and studying that way, but is it enough?! Thx.
  8. I was a case mgr about a year ago in a hospital and it was similar to a factory for the lack of a better term - patients would be admitted and discharged quicker than any other hospital I've ever worked at. They also had the highest readmssion rate in the state - no surprise. I just took a new case mgr position at a different hospital which is more easy going about discharging patients. In fact they are so easy going I'm having a hard time finding that perfect discharge time, but I'm sure I will. My question is in making my first connection with my patients at this hospital is much harder than the other hospital I was in. My current hospital has more "sophisticated" clients where as I was working in the city previously and frankly found those clients easier to deal with. In the past week, I've met one patient who gave me such a dirty look when I discussed any discharge needs that I wanted to tell her to stop being so rude! It was as if she clearly didn't need any help and didn't want to be bothered with me offering it! Many seem to feel we are asking questions which are none of our business even though I make it known the questions will help us to help them have a safe discharge. My job includes a high patient count (as most of us have!), so I need to get in and get my answers quickly yet in a way my patients don't feel I'm rushing them. Frankly I am not sure why I have to see every OBS patient or young patient when they are in for a simple procedure if their H&P says they work FT and have kids and are married, etc. Certainly it doesn't hurt to see everyone, but touching base with the nurses can be done in cases where it appaers a patient has no discharge needs. Anyway, I'm wondering how some of you introduce yourselves, explain your position and so on. While I did this a year ago, it was only for a year per diem and I never had the reactions I've gotten lately. Maybe it's just the clientel I'm dealing with now; thankfully I've only had this happen a couple times, but boy, can people be rude!! Thanks for your ideas!
  9. lisa41rn

    I can't take it anymore!

    I hear what you're saying. Nursing is a tough field. I wouldn't leave without a notice though. You've work hard and should be able to use this job as a reference. I worked for one of the worst hospital managers in the my area. Well I found that other hospitals in the area also knew about her reputation and believed if I could last a year with her I was probably okay. I've never cutdown an ex-employer, but often a truly tough area such as yours may have a reputation for being tough on their employees. Leaving without a notice wouldn't help you though. Try to give a notice and move on! You'll find your niche! Good luck!
  10. lisa41rn

    I would like to shadow a BSN case manager for practicum...

    Just saw your post. I actually followed a CM at my hospital when I was going for my BSN a few years back and she was wonderful. I knew her so it wasn't a big deal to shadow her. How are you making out with this? You can always call the CM office and I'm sure they could help you to work with someone! Good luck!
  11. lisa41rn

    Can you really change a bad LTC?

    You're right that I have been in LTC for only six months but I came from many years of acute experience. However, it doesn't take an experienced nurse to know good from bad nursing care; a new grad can see that. Even the janitor can see it! I stated many facts, one being that the state surveys have been terrible. The majority of my coworkers do not even know that I have my MS as I tell them very little about my education; it would serve them no purpose. Simply put, they are not willing to hear what other nurses have to say when it comes to improving the care we give our residents. The goal I had in my post was gaining insight into how to handle such a poorly run facility. My biggest concern is the care our residents receive. I thank everyone who shared their experiences within their own organizations!
  12. lisa41rn

    Can you really change a bad LTC?

    Thanks for the great responses. I did find one that said "It's commendable to have a Master's degree but it is NO substitute for experience. " I think you might be one of those I'm currently working with! I've worked hard for my degrees and have multiple years of nursing experience. Regardless, many with lesser degrees have made rotten comments to those with higher degrees where I work. I do not for a second believe a degree makes you a better nurse. Gosh, some of the CNAs could be better nurses than those with a nursing degree. This comment shows the shallowness of what I've experienced in LTC by a few nurses. Those are the nurses who for whatever reason would rather belittle those for advancing themselves instead of getting their butts in school themselves. Certainly no one should go back to school if they don't want to - it doesn't make anyone a better person, but don't belittle anyone else who does. I welcomed LTC nurses with open arms to the acute environment when they wanted to try something new. Regardless thanks for all the great responses and sharing your experiences. I do believe all nurses to be supportive of one another and encourage advancement of any kind.
  13. I worked in acute care and truly wanted to change to LTC, but for the last six months it has been crazy! I shed many tears shortly after taking my LTC job as I was not trained as promised and my corporate boss did not get along with the person training me at my LTC facility. The place was and still is chaotic with staff not caring about a darn thing! I was basically stuck in the middle of two people not wanting to train me - it was the "other one's job" so I ended up training myself. I've come to truly care about many of the residents so that has made me want to stay. My place is part.of a big LTC company. I had hoped to be able to move up the chain as I have my RN BSN MS, but to no avail. I think with all the garbage going on, and no one in Corporate truly knowing all the facts, I may appear to not be doing very well in my position when in fact it has more to do with the facility than my ability. The last state survey was terrible; one of the worst in the state. No one seems to care and want change. There is a new DON. She is nearing retirement, just wanting to hang out until she does retire and has no interest in making change. Any problem she is confronted with is brushed off. The new administrator (probably about the 4th one in the past year) sits in his office all day talking to his girlfriend on the phone; never leaves the office to check things out, talk to staff or residents. There's tons of issues going on but if anyone speaks up they are viewed as a trouble maker. I really feel like I want to speak with the VP about these issues, but know I will probably lose my job. I'm fed up with keeping my mouth shut. I want change and believe these residents deserve it. Does anyone have suggestions? I've only been in LTC for a short time; maybe this is more the norm than I expect, but I hope not! Thx.
  14. lisa41rn

    Rn's are better than lpn's???

    While I think there are LPNs who can be better nurses than RNs, the fact that anyone would make rude comments about a degree someone has earned is ridiculous. While working in a hospital, there was an LPN who constantly made rude comments about the RNs and what she "couldn't" do because she didn't have her RN. I finally told her if it bothered her that much, she needed to go back to school. I guess the focus here has become not that there are LPNs who are better than RNs but that so many nurses are sooooo unsupportive of one another.
  15. lisa41rn

    Rn's are better than lpn's???

    I went back for education with the hope of being able to take better care of my patients. I really never thought I would have other nurses making comments like I've experienced. Anyone can go back to school; some are too lazy I guess, but those are the ones making the comments. In one ear and out the other I guess! Thx all!