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Problems/Issues encountered as an director of nursing - page 2

I am interested in a career involving administration in long term care. And, I wanted to hear first hand some of the biggest issues or problems that administrators have faced recently or over the... Read More

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    The DON is the first to get canned by corporate. You will have zero autonomy, even as a NHA- don't believe anything otherwise. You do what they say, and you get canned. If you don't you will get canned. If your survey blows, canned. If it's impeccable- you'll get for another reason. Good luck. Oh- and keep your calculator in hand- if you go 'off' the grid for staffing numbers on any shift? Yes- CANNED.
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    Questin: I know a LOT of DONs that have been canned 3,4 5 times in a year. What do they say on their resumes. "Wasn't a good fit"? Curious, really.