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We are trying to get away from purchased supplements such as Boost, Ensure, Resource...ick...and will be making our own milk shakes and fruit smoothies. Does anyone have any policies or procedures for making things on the unit?... Read More

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    if the powers that be would come with a more precise recipe, a smoothie i am able to drink despite being lactose intolerant, is simple, filling, and infinitely variable (depending what's on hand) uses this base. for a single serving:

    1 carton plain or flavored yogurt (i use fat free or low fat)
    1 small banana or some of a big one
    unsweetened juice -- to thin the yogurt
    about a cup of crushed ice (or use frozen cut-up fruit)

    blend and drink.

    my husband is a type-1 diabetic and he loves these! some of our favorite
    combos are:

    banana plus fat-free peanut butter powder
    banana plus about 4-6 cut-up strawberries
    pineapple chunks plus 4-6 cut-up strawberries or raspberries
    mixture of cut-up strawberries, raspberries, blueberries
    chocolate and coconut extracts
    pineapple, strawberries, coconut extract
    orange sections, coconut or chocolate extract

    we also add espresso, vanilla, or mocha protein powder
    to our morning and mid-day ones.

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    CCM, I know that the recipe is from the dietitian, I probably wasnt clear, the cook who prepared our shakes was not following the recipe and skimped on the protein ingredients (which are more expensive) assuming no one would find out. State found out. They simply cross matched her invoices for ingredients that she bought and calculated how much she would need for the amount of shakes she was preparing and came up short....

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