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Hello all! I am a new RN (within the past 6 months) and I work at a long term care facility in a small town. I worked there as an LPN while I was in school and when I graduated the ADON position became open and I took it. My... Read More

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    I see you came up from the ranks and are familiar with the facility you worked in but as an LPN only. Question long have you worked at this facililty? How well did you get along with the higher ups and auxillary staff at the time.? If the relationships were good and things were done when you were a Lpn there, you should be able to glide into this position with some ease(although 6 months is very slim pickens)....but the road ahead will be quite a change.....putting it are in a different class are a boss, resentment may follow with some, but if they like you and you dont seem too harsh/arrogant/or strict you will gain some favor. You wont have your usual jovial relationships anymore because you represent a different type of authority. This I can say to you, if you feel like you dont have the confidence, are questioning your abilities EVEN THOUGH you are getting kudos for performance, you may highly benefit from taking an Assertive behavior course for yourself. This will help you speak correctly to your staff and provide you with the uplifting self esteem you will need now. It comes down to this question to ask yourself.....Am I here for the proper/safe care of my patients, and helping my staff as much as possible? Or do I just want to be an American Idol, gaining popularity with the staff out of just being Mrs. Niceguy. If its a popularity contest you want.....then this job isnt for you. Always remember too, If you have a good working relationship with the DON, this is essential also. She should help you also with the transition. IF not...then I would look elsewhere for another job.

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    Thanks to everyone for all the feedback. I truly appreciate it and some comments really lifted my spirits. I know I have a great opportunity and I plan to stick with it after hearing from all of you. Days will be hard but that is part of it I suppose. I'll keep you all update on my journeys ahead in this new job! Thanks again to all.
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