Lost It At Work: Sent Home for a Four Day Weekend to Gather My Thoughts (rant, vent) - page 2

So for the past few months, i've been trying to keep my head above water as the Dir. of Residential services at an assisted living. its a seventy bed higher than it should be acuity building, and it was severely under the barr... Read More

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    You sound so much better, I am glad that you put your time to good use. Your success reflects on all of us!! We are all behind you.
    Somewhere out there, Florence Nightingale is clapping her hands.
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    All good advice that everyone gave. I must add that you need to find time for yourself not only when you are away from work BUT while you are at work. A 5-10 minute walk outside or even go sit in your car and listen to your radio. It should never get so bad that our voices are raised in anger. I find I intimidate the staff more when I speak slowly and quietly....

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