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    While I realize most facilities no longer use them, I also am unhappy with the fact that no one reads care plans except the people who write them. What do you use to communicate to your C.N.A's important info such as: Transfer status, Toileting Program, RNP, Feeding ability etc? TIA

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    We DO use a kardex system...written in pencil and updated as needed. It has ADL status, diet, and anything else the CNAs really need to know. The nurses use it when they give report so everyone knows if there has been a change.
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    I miss the larded system. I just changed jobs and they don't have it here at the new place
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    Quote from brithoover
    I miss the larded system. I just changed jobs and they don't have it here at the new place
    *kardex system is what I meant (:
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    We have a laminated sheet above each bed with ADL info on it for the benefit of anyone assisting the patients. It covers transfers, mobility, equipment (ie, walkers), diet and feeding, as well as toileting and even which size Tena they require. It's helpful, though I admit in the business of the day sometimes they don't get updated.
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    CapeCod~ Where do you get your Kardex forms or did you design your own?
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    We designed our own.
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    I'm putting the final touches on one I have designed this weekend. Not sure how I want the Nurses/Aides using them yet. I think during report will be the best way as the Nurses probably will be the one updating them.
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    My facility went "paperless" about 6 months ago, with one exception -- we still print out Kardex-type information as we always did. Each unit of about 25 residents has a form which lists the care basics for all 25, how they transfer, toilet, eat, special equipment, etc. This is stored in a Word document and is updated and reprinted every time there is a change, new admit or discharge. A little stack of each unit's current forms is kept at the corresponding nurses station.

    Every CNA is expected to have the form in their pocket, available. It would be nice if they would/could stop and go look information up on a careplan, but we all know that is unlikely to happen. We have had this form in place for years with much sucess.
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    Oh that's a good idea! Well I made Kardex's but maybe down the line I will go to something like this.

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