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  1. 2 It's been a while since I've vented but......
    I applied for a regional job with Kindred. THEY contacted me about the position. Off I went for an interview. I had a group interview with 6 people..which was fine except someone should have shown them how to use an iron and a hair brush.
    I didn't expect to get hired since I used to work for Kindred and left but, come on people....do you think you could send out a thanks but no thanks letter? Really?!? I'm thinking about sending an email to the corporate head of HR to let them know, but I know it would serve no purpose.
    Ranting done.
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    I agree. I've had interviews and been called back for a second, then hear nothing for weeks! I called HR and left a voicemail "just touching base as we spoke two weeks ago ..." And still no return. At least cut me loose and don't leave me hanging. For upper management positions I believe it's unprofessional to issue at least a no thanks letter. Even if it's just an email.
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    Sorry. Wasn't clear. It's unprofessional to NOT issue a letter.
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    I have dealt with them as well....over all they just plain scare me. Yet they act so high and mighty. They are rude and unprofessional. I'd LOVE to know who that panel was....LOLOLOL
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    They did you a favor...you DON'T want to work for them.
    I had my fill of them several years ago in my first MDS Coordinator Position....
    They kept me in meetings most of the day with no time to do my assessments.
    I had an Administrator who blamed me for EVERYTHING that went wrong in the building.
    I had a Regional MDS Consultant that was not supportive or helpful in the least.
    For the last 6-12 months working for Kindred, I cried every day.
    When I resigned, I did not get as much as an Exit Interview.
    After I left, another MDS Coordinator told me that I ranked as one of the highest revenue producing MDS Coordinators in the Central Region of the U.S, for Kindred.
    I still have occasional Nightmares of working there.
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    To CCM - you know, I was going to say that maybe a comment to corporate HR might just let them know that their people do lack professional civility & couth. Couldn't tell if it would make any difference and have any positive effect but at least they would learn of the impression they give off.

    Then I read Bella's response. You're right - they probably wouldn't care.
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    I have had that experience recently. It is very unprofessional to leave applicants in limbo, especially management positions.