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    I've been a nurse for 25 years and been in management for about 20 of those. I am amazed at the new nurses these days. We had to counsel a nurse for not doing her nursing summaries on time. I heard the way the ADNS spoke to her. She said "you need to get your summaries done." That was it. She didn't yell or raise her voice or anything. I was there. I looked at the nurse who appeared to be chewing something....she had 3 kinds of food on her med cart. I quietly went over and told her she couldn't eat or have food on the med cart. Next thing I know, she's down in the administrator's office turning in her resignation because the ADNS was 'mean' to her.
    So, how do you all deal with this? We were not mean or disrespectful-we simply stated the fact.
    I am relatively new to the building and am trying to set some standards.
    I can't imagine acting that way as a new nurse. We have gone out of our way to accommate her schedule, have offered help with her personal issues, and have been very supportive. I don't know what else to do. I can't let her continue to not do summaries and eat at the cart. I am beginning to think I should throw my hands up in the air and let the chips fall where they may.

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    You try to guide new nurses by telling them what to do and the standards expected of them and the next thing they are crying 'harassment/bullying'I totally agree with you CCM,we wouldn't have dared act like that as new nurses,you were at the bottom of the pecking order and knew you had to work your way up.You did not go into a job demanding that 'you can't work this or that'
    changed days now......I think we are just getting old!!!
    As to how to deal with them......if I find out I'll let you know!!
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    Sounds like she was doing you a favor! I can live with a nursing shortage as long as I don't have to put up with a bunch of half educated primadonas who think a RN license entitles them to royal treatment. Give me three nurses with professional intergity, commitment and some common sense over 6 "fluff chicks" who think the job is a chance to do thier nails, catch up on thier e-mail, and flurt with every MD that strolls through. More nurses dosen't equal better care, better nurses usually does. I'd like more and better but the profession can't afford to lower its standards any further.
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    Amen sister!
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    Sounds like she was having personal problems and just one more thing was going to push her over. It probably was for the best, she needed time to regroup and the patients need someone to provide quality care.
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    Anyway you look at it she saved you a lot of trouble and work. Hopefully her replacement will be more mature and work oriented. Perhaps this young lady believes the statement that nursing jobs are there to be picked off the ground after falling from the trees. One of these days she will find out that she won't be able to get the next job so easily. Hope she grows up before then.
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    I hired an 'old' nurse today to fill that slot. She has 30 years of experience, and doesn't believe that nurses are entitled to anything. woo woo
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    Even though it may mean hours put in working the floor, I do not keep a nurse that does not complete her job just to have the warm body around.
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    Some of us do not have that luxury. There are a group of nurses who have contracts and I have been told I am not at liberty to fire them without going to the top of the company.
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    Contracts? I guess I have never heard of that. All new hires, are in a 3 month probation period in my facility. We determine in that timeframe if it will work out or not. We conduct 30, 60 and 90 performance evals so the documentation is there when they fail. IF they make it past that period and we then start having problems, the disciplinary tract starts. A verbal warniing, 1st written, 2nd written, suspension and then termination. Everything is thoroughly documented. I rarely get to the point of termination since they seem to correct the problem before that.

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