Family diagnosticians: just Google it!

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    Ok,this is makeing me crazy. What do you do when family members google a med and insist this med is the cause of some S/E. Yes, by God, they've Googled the med, read the S/E, assessed the patient and noted the S/S and want that med discontinued! Sheesh! It must be nice to be sooooo smart, that all you have to do is Google, and "Eureka" you and you alone, have discovered the answer and none of the experts caught it!! DUDE! "We're not worthy" :bowingpur
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    It's even worse when staff members do it to diagnose themselves.
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    Drives me batty. I hate it when they come in requesting this med or that test because thats what webmd said.
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    Then i discuss it with them but, they are not the medical professionals.
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    Revisit the benefits of the medication, and, if that doesn't work, give them the doctor's office phone number and tell them he/ she would be happy to hear their concern!
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    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    It's even worse when staff members do it to diagnose themselves.
    I have to admit that I do a lot of diagnosing myself, but then I don't do doctors. Hah.

    I dealt with a Dr Google this weekend. Very, very fun. They got the number to the doc and was told to wait until monday to call him.
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    I would simply refer them to their doctor for that discussion.

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