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    does anyone have a chart audit tool they wouldnt mind sharing. i have recently taken a DON position in a facility and chart auditing has never been done. we have had pre survey the last two days and so many things has came to light that needs work asap. GDR's have not been done timely or at all since january, careplans in MDS all need redone, and many other things.
    at my last job i was mds coordinator and made a really nice sheet for audits but of course i had to leave it behind when i left my job. is anyone willing to share?
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    Need a little clarification: Are you looking for a UR audit tool or a Quality Record Review audit tool?
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    Ive got one on my computer at work. I'll post it tomorrow.
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    i want to audit my charts to be sure everything is in place for survey? from front to back!
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    I have been looking for the same thing, can you share as well. Would be greatly appreciated. I am a new ADNS, acted for about 3 weeks
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    LOL I'm looking for something similar. Every time I try to make one of my own, I end up throwing it away and just making notes on paper. Not the most functional, but it works. I'd love to see what someone comes up with!
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    I am also looking for audit tools if any one cares to share theirs!
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    I want one too! Lol.