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AlleeBooRN specializes in OB, ER.

Registered Nurse, love horses and animals, 4 kids, married, God first

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  1. Night Shifts and Sleep Schedule

    did you ever get advice for this post
  2. Starting a volunteer parish health ministry

    are you still working on this. I was asked to start a program and do not know where to start
  3. Currently, there is not a program in my parish but they would like one? Where do I start? There are several RN's in our parish, I have not reached out for volunteers at this time as we dont even have this program yet? Where do I start in getting t...
  4. Skin to skin after delivery

    We do 30 min vitals x4, then 1 hour, then qshift. We do 60 minutes of sts
  5. Ratios

    Ours has a strict 1:1 for labor
  6. NRP

    Are there any practice tests online?
  7. Vaginal cervix checks

    Thank u so much
  8. Vaginal cervix checks

    I am ... thank u
  9. Vaginal cervix checks

    Does anyone have any advice to help me be proficient in these checks everything else is going great but im just not getting it
  10. New don seeking advice from experienced don's

    Well said nascar
  11. Just had our survey!!!

    I am pumped so proud of all staff just earned a deficiency free i am so proud of them !!
  12. Policy for Antipsychotic Use

    I can look on monday if u like
  13. DON Interview

    Of course u can with time consistency and work!! They prob have high mngmnt turn over as well as regular staffing. I just went thru that after a year starting to see very positive things including family and resident surveys good that were previo...
  14. On call

    I am also on call 24/7 now that i have made it my own its getting better some days on the edge of burn out but i have a couple good nurses that step up for me when i need it
  15. Anxiously waiting for state cant wait till its over so i can take some time off!!! I thnk we are sitting pretty good but u never know!!! It is what it is. I took over in april and have been working hard ever since on inhouse pressures, documentati...